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How important are customer reviews ?

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Market research surveys are often used by companies to collect various types of information about their consumers and clients. Some of this information is gathered by businesses prior to introducing products but a majority of customer data is gathered after the introduction of their products.


Whatever be the case, customer feedback is important for a number of reasons.


To determine a customer’s needs and tastes, customer feedback is vital, particularly when a business introduces new products. Companies conduct focus groups, in-person research or customer phone surveys to determine the features, flavours or styles that consumers are looking for in a product. Customer feedback helps companies determine what’s important to their customers, according to The Calgary Beacon article “9 Great Reasons to Conduct Customer Surveys.” Without customer feedback, a company could not possibly learn about the product needs of the consumer. As a consequence, its products are likely to fail in the marketplace.

Brand Performance

Customer feedback also helps a company to better understand how a customer rates and uses their product versus a competitor’s product. It is vital in determining where a company’s products and services excel or fall short in comparison with alternatives on the market.


Customer service satisfaction surveys are the most common type of market research surveys. Companies can determine whether customers are getting their questions answered and problems resolved. Additionally, through surveys, a company can evaluate the performance of its customer service reps and take corrective measures, especially if the feedback indicates that the customer service reps were being rude to customers.

Lessons Learned

Customer feedback from lost customers is especially important as it helps the company in determining why customers are no longer buying its products. The goal of the survey becomes determining courses of action that the company can take to win a customer back.

Market Trends

Customer feedback also is important in detecting certain trends among consumers. For example, a new competitor in the market may introduce new and improved version of a product that potentially threatens the current version a company sells. If customers indicate they would prefer and buy this new version, the company will have to consider adopting innovative changes in their current product.

SEO Benefits

Customer reviews can also have a positive effect on search engine rankings. Since descriptive reviews tend to contain an abundance of keywords, they help a website rank higher on search engines for the products and services on offer.

Other benefits

Reviews on a general level help a company understand the needs of their customers and help them in improving the products and services they sell, adapting to the latest trends, and dealing with their customers. If certain products have received positive reviews, it may be wise to get them back in stock. If certain products prove unpopular, reviews bring it to your attention sooner allowing you to take action in time. Reviews are the real views of your customers, a direct line of communication that allows you to monitor how customers perceive the company’s brand.

A good way of encouraging customers to leave reviews is to offer small incentives, such as entrance into a competition or a small discount on the next purchase in exchange for leaving a review. Another practice is to send an email after each order inquiring if the process was satisfactory and requesting the customer to review their purchase.

It doesn’t matter which industry a company belongs to, or the size of its business, positive testimonials from customers dramatically improve online visibility and brand image. Customers are conditioned to search for information on the Internet. It has become a norm to browse the internet for a desired product or service that could range from a local restaurant, the latest electronic gadgets, etc.

If the internet search guides the customer to your company, the website should have enough information available to influence their decision. In that scenario, reviews could be the deciding factor. If a company has more favourable reviews in which customers are praising its products or services, it leads to new client acquisitions.

There are several sites that publish user reviews and ratings to help consumers find local products and services: Google Places, Yelp, etc. Companies should be focused on understanding these review services and determining what could provide the most benefit to their business.

Reviews, even if negative, can bring positive developments, as long as they aren’t too common. A few bad reviews will provide legitimacy to the rest of the good reviews and reassure visitors that the feedback is genuine and left by real customers.

Are smartphones improving or impairing productivity at work?

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According to a study by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Smartphones, thought to hamper workplace productivity due to their ability to make telephone calls, surf the Internet and play games may not be the costly distraction companies make them out to be.


Before the age of smartphones, customers and clients had to be contacted on their office phone. Smartphones provide employees and clients the ability to contact one another quickly and efficiently. Conflicts are resolved faster using smartphones. An individual is considered ‘rude’ if he does not respond to a simple text message, email, or phone call within a certain period of time.

According to a study by the University of Kansas, “Smartphone Micro-breaks During Work Day are Productive.” The study recommends that employees should be given a few short breaks throughout the day. It increases the productivity and more deadlines are met, as mini-breaks allow employees to take their minds off potential work stress and keep their mind fresh. The study says “workers who use their phones for short breaks throughout the day tend to be happier and have a more positive attitude.” Let’s take a look at some of the credible reasons to allow smartphones for official purposes.

  • Organizing tasks

Smartphones help maintain a schedule and keep users up to date about upcoming events and allow them to manage their daily tasks more efficiently. A smartphone allows communication everywhere, away from office or home and personalizes data according to set preferences and priorities.

  • Easy access

The best feature found in smartphones is that they enable access to anything from anywhere. Editing or creating documents and organizing appointments can be done on the move. Maps, locations, weather reports and latest updates from the business world can be accessed using a smartphone. Using a smartphone makes it possible for a mobile workforce to stay in touch with the business.

  • Integration with Business apps

Integration of business applications with smartphones to stay connected with business activities allows users to create and send or receive up-to-date reports of financial and business operations.

  • Business Presentations

Since smartphone devices give video input and output, users can view their business presentations and videos in their gadgets. Business users can connect their phones to a TV or computer monitor and show PowerPoint presentations or display whatever is running on the phone’s display.

  • High Security

While certain smartphone features may attract regular consumers, business users are more concerned about the security of their data and official information. Solutions like Google Apps for Work offers Mobile device management MDM at no extra cost, give users more powerful security options that allow its users to keep personal and business data separate on the same device.

  • Endless Apps

The early twenty-first century has brought with it hundreds and thousands of smartphone apps. A smartphone’s portability and programmability has made it a device with almost unlimited applications. There are tons of work-related scheduling, task-management and productivity apps available, to keep track of one’s tasks, meetings and important deadlines. Besides, Media downloading, Internet and stereo apps keep users connected with the world of audio. Smartphone torches, Compass and levelling apps and have made smartphones handheld utilities.

  • Web Everywhere

In earlier days, Web browsing had to happen at a desk in an office, where a wired internet connection could be made available to the computers or laptops. Later on, wireless access and laptops allowed the Web to be accessed pretty much anywhere in the house or office. But in the age of smartphone technology, including broadband and wireless, Web access has made its way onto the subway, into cars and to the park or wherever there is a cellular connection.

Unlike the traditional mobile phones, smartphones are powerful devices with advanced features. From the point of view of businesses, important business files and presentations can be easily shared. Users can also send emails directly from apps. In this way, valuable time saved from performing communication actions can be allocated to other more important business matters.

Importance of Team and Teamwork

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success” – Henry Ford.

Teamwork in the workplace allows employees to become acquainted with each other. Teamwork is vital to the success of the company and to the development of employees in several ways. A single person might not be able to take critical decisions by himself. Support and guidance of a group is needed by an individual to come out with useful solutions. Ideally the team members should have common goals to ensure that they are compatible with each other.


As the saying goes, “there is no I in team work”, every individual must place the interests of his team before his personal interests.

To face challenges in a workplace, a strong team environment will act as a support mechanism for team members. Working together, members help each other improve their own performance, enhancing their own professional development in the process. By relying on each other, a bond of trust develops among team members. These bonds help the team face particularly difficult challenges or the departure of a team member while still trying to be productive.

Effective teams in the workplace are often consulted on company issues. Teams that work well together, are made to feel comfortable while offering suggestions. Team members develop the knack of creating valuable brainstorming sessions, and the company benefits from the multitude of suggestions that they offer.

  • No business organization runs for charity. Sales and revenue targets have to be met. Tasks must be completed within the specified time period and must not be pushed to the backburner. A single player can’t always come up with solutions or take decisions by himself. He needs to discuss his ideas with someone. In a team, every team member has to contribution equally and each team member’s solution should best suited to the problem. To choose the best alternative, the team members can discuss their thoughts by weighing the pros and cons.
  • Teams accomplish tasks faster than individuals. An individual who is single handedly in charge of everything will definitely take more time to perform. In teams, shared responsibilities reduce the workload or work pressure and members are able to help each other. Each team member is assigned a responsibility according to specialization, level of interest and thus the output is much more efficient and faster.
  • A team doesn’t let its work suffer or take a backseat. Let’s consider a case where an employee “X” was taking care of an important client and was the only one coordinating with them. When “X” took a long leave, there was no one else who could handle the client in his absence. By the time he joined back after a long vacation, the organization had already lost the client. Had “X” worked in a team, others could have taken the charge when he was not there. In a team, the other team members can perform and manage the work in the absence of any member and hence work is not affected much.
  • There is always a healthy competition among the team members. Competition promotes a team member to perform better than his team mates and in a way contributing to his team and the organization.
  • Team work improves relations among the team members. Individuals who coordinate with each other come to know each other better, reducing the chances of unnecessary conflicts among them and every individual tries his level best to support his fellow team mate. The results increase the level of bonding among them.
  • Team members complement each other. Every individual is unique and and may possess some qualities. A team member can always learn something or the other from his team members which would help him in the long run. Recognition and praise are driving forces for everyone. Team members are motivated to work hard in a collective effort and live up to the expectations of other members. Members can mentor one another and can correct them whenever the other person is wrong. At a time of crisis, a team member will always have someone to fall back upon.

Now that the importance on Teamwork is already established, it is vital to know how can a team work together effectively in today’s business context. As the teams of today are quite likely to be spread out across different offices, various geographies and timezones in the world, they ought to use collaboration tools at work for effective communication and coordination. For example, Google Apps provides a host of applications such as Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google Drive and so on to ensure that team members can work together on a single deliverable while staying closely coordinated despite being geographically distributed. Cloud Computing has indeed made teamwork easier.

Brio joins HYSEA

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The Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA) is an apex organization working with the objective of making Hyderabad the prominent intellectual capital in the globe. By becoming a member of HYSEA, Brio will be in a better position to offer its clients qualitative services in software products and services.


HYSEA is a registered body representing the interests of the software and ITES sectors in Hyderabad which also covers tier II cities. Over 300 organizations operating in the IT industry are the members of HYSEA to deliver best-in-class services to their clientele. The association’s endeavor is to develop an enabling environment for the IT industry to grow for the overall benefit of the society in general.

HYSEA has been proactively involved in collaboration with the state government for quick resolution of the queries and issues faced by the region wide enterprises in the IT and ITES segments of the industry. The issues cover physical security, formulation of policies as well as their implementation, subsidies and incentives to small and medium enterprises (SME) for making investments in quality certifications and training, infrastructure and also introduction of special schemes for the enterprises in Hyderabad. It has made a considerable contribution to the phenomenal growth of software industry in the region.

Becoming a member of HYSEA will help the organizations reap multiple benefits which will be elucidated upon in the following sections.

The companies in the domain of IT and ITES industry that are willing to take the membership of HYSEA do not need to harbor any concerns regarding the membership fees. The membership fee of HYSEA is nominal, enabling software organizations of any size to become its member. As a member, Brio will get insights into latest research and technological developments underway, which will help service its growing client base in a better manner.

Brio sees HYSEA as a credible source of reference as far as any information pertaining to the IT and ITES sectors is concerned. Thus, Brio team hopes to get the reliable and latest information through participation in different activities conducted by the registered body.

As a member of HYSEA, Brio will get an opportunity to be a part of tradeshow hosted in other nations of the world. This will help us enhance the visibility of our product and service offerings . As a result, it might boost our sales proceeds and overall profitability of the company.

Based at Hyderabad, Brio wishes to capitalize upon the opportunities arising out of prospective clients visiting Hyderabad with the intent of making business investments in the state of Telangana in future.

Brio would also get the benefits of using the HYSEA platform to share the latest updates and news related to Information Technology which will help the software industry prosper and excel in the region. Mutual sharing of the recent trends will lend the enterprises an insight into how this information will be helpful to maximize their productivity and offer their customers the best service.

As a HYSEA member, Brio would get an opportunity to present views on the current issues that are prevalent in the IT sector. The leadership at Brio would further get a stake in significant policy decisions.

HYSEA helps its member companies capitalize on key business opportunities, thus facilitating the growth of the organization. For Brio, It may lead to building a strong professional database and networking resulting in an increase in client base. Brio representatives may also get access to the exhaustive database of the software products and services in Hyderabad. The member companies also get regular updates on the variations in state government policies concerning software products and services.

The HYSEA directory of its member companies would help Brio find out about the other member companies and network with them. The directory is printed on a yearly basis in an endeavor to extend full support to their marketing schemes and business development.

By joining HYSEA, Brio will be better equipped to offer qualitative software products and services to its clients based on recent trends and insights. With an increased outreach and new channels of communication, Brio will be poised to win client satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Brio joins NASSCOM

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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a global trade association of Indian software industry and Business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. The member companies of NASSCOM have their operations in the sphere of BPO services, software development, software products, services as well as e-commerce.

This global body facilitates business in the domain of Information technology (IT) industry. Many Indian IT and BPO companies and also multinational organizations having their operations in the country are the members of NASSCOM.


Brio Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions & services across the globe, has recently accorded membership of NASSCOM. As a member of this trade body, Brio, like many leading companies engaged in the software business, looks forward to reap multiple benefits which will be outlined in the subsequent sections, thus assisting growth in business.

Brio NASSCOM Membership will help the company to bank on numerous advantages which are listed below:

A chance of enhance visibility:

As a NASSCOM member, the member companies can contribute to its newsletters and blogs. Moreover, recognitions and awards presented to the members by NASSCOM also help in brand promotion.

As a member of the trade body, we – at Brio – hope to increase the visibility of our product offerings and services through various features to be published on the NASSCOM website. At the events hosted by NASSCOM, we might a get a chance to give information about our products as well as promote them.

Increasing outreach:

Being a NASSCOM member would give us the opportunity to get information on the industry best practices and also share the latest trends prevalent in the software industry. This will be possible through participating in networking sessions conducted on varied relevant and current topics such as data security, quality and contract management among others.

Get fresh insights on IT trends:

The member companies of NASSCOM have access to its research and intelligence, which makes them aware of the current trends for taking their business operations to the next level. Brio team would feel enlightened to get these insights on the existing best practices through the trade association’s articles, blogs and presentations. Further, we would get a chance to speak to the research team of NASSCOM and share transformational real-time cases.

As a member of NASSCOM, Brio would get an opportunity to participate in the industry forums and shape the development of the industry.

Help in going global:

NASSCOM regularly hosts global events to provide the member companies with some valuable opportunities of engaging with same-sized as well as bigger organizations in their industry segment. These global events would offer Brio with a platform to build robust professional networks with the companies in other nations. Other than this, we would also get regular policy updates. The association’s sessions help the software enterprises get an understanding into issues concerning visas and immigration. They may also provide us insights into the most opportune current trends with the help of country reports.

Organizations from all around the world including China, Japan, European Union, United States and the UK are the members of NASSCOM, a non-profit organization.

NASSCOM, together with the software and BPO sector has adopted a proactive approach in promoting information security, making the security environment, the best worldwide. We are quite confident that our confidential information and data will be in safe hands.

NASSCOM confers recognitions and awards to its member companies in different areas covering social innovation, gender diversity, talent innovation, excellence in IT security, innovation, healthcare IT, DSCI security and privacy.

With the membership of NASSCOM, Brio technologies can serve its clients better by offering software products and services based on the recent trends prevalent in the industry.

Chromebox for meetings makes Video Conferencing Simple

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Face-to-face communication in business meetings and conferences helps in building robust relationships with the respective clients. Phone calls, emails and messaging are the other most commonly used channels in business communication, but they can never ever match the impact made by face-to-face conversation. Hand movements, facial expressions and voice intonation lets the participating members comprehend the information transmitted, much effectively. Moreover, face-to-face conversation minimises the incidence of misinterpretation and miscommunication of ideas.

chromebox for meetings

In the age of globalisation, with the business operations of companies spread across many geographies, the main concern hovers around internal communication i.e. how to make the employees and the business partners aware of the organization’s strategic plan, discuss business objectives and chart out futuristic course of action. Asking the concerned employees to travel to and from different locations for this purpose involves additional expense and is a time-consuming affair. Further, it hampers the productivity of an enterprise. In this highly competitive and volatile business environment, it is imperative to make the best use of the time and assets to scale the heights of success.

These communication-related issues have been successfully taken care of by virtual communication advancements such as Video conferencing solutions, which made face-to-face communication across geographies, a reality. However, the traditional videoconferencing solutions failed to meet the business requirements owing to performance issues, bandwidth requirements as well as lack of interoperability. It also did not match the quality expectations of the business houses. Setting up video conferencing solutions was not easy and required the services of an IT professional. Furthermore, it used to entail very high costs, making it difficult for the small and medium enterprises (SME) to deploy it.

Sensing the significance of the video conferencing solutions in staying connected with the distributed workforce and clients, thus increasing the overall company profitability, the software companies have come up with simple, easy to use solutions addressing the earlier shortcomings.

Chromebox for meetings is an easy to deploy and simple-to-use video conferencing solution. It saves the organization time by updating itself automatically. The most recent features included in the video conferencing solution will be provided to the companies as soon as they are unveiled. The video conferencing solution can be set up in a matter of minutes, unlike traditional video conferencing solutions that require separate room for installing the complicated system. For running the Chromebox solution, the only requirement is that of a display screen in the conference room. To get started, just plug the display to the Chromebox for meetings.

This video conferencing solution permits a total of 15 people to join in the conversation from different regions of the world. It can be integrated with the other Google apps such as Google calendar. The business clients and partners can be invited to join in the meeting if they have an email account on Gmail. It also offers the flexibility of joining in through phone using Uber Conference.

The high definition video conferencing solution enhances the productivity of an organization in a phenomenal way as the employees sitting at any location can communicate with each other anytime to discuss important business initiatives for taking your company to the next level. The time and expenses that would otherwise go in travelling long distances to attend a business meeting can be profitably utilised to make key business decisions, helping the enterprise stay ahead in the competitive rat race. With this high definition video conferencing solution, you can keep in regular touch with your team members, ensuring timely completion of projects. This improves the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Chromebox for meetings makes instant collaboration possible simply at the click of a remote. It does away with the pass codes and dial-in codes. It also does not require wires and adaptor and allows wireless sharing of laptop screen.

The most vital aspect is that Chromebox for meetings does not compromise on quality. This collaborative tool offers the organization the best experience by bringing High definition video conferencing to speed up business processes. You can join in a meeting from any part of the globe anytime, using any device.

This collaborative tool keeps the distributed workforce of an organization connected, making seamless face-to-face conversation possible in real time. It improves focus, efficiency and performance resulting in higher profits and bigger successes for the organization as well its people.

Brio can help the organizations willing to adopt the powerful video-conferencing tool – right from buying this high definition video conferencing system to its installing and facilitating instant connectivity between the participants spread across multiple locations. The team of experts at Brio will ensure seamless functioning of Chromebox for meetings at your end, offering the companies the best experience of being connected. To know more about Chromebox for Meetings, contact Brio Technologies today.

How Google Apps for Work is helping Brio grow?

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Google Apps for Work is one of the most prominent suites of cloud computing tools which are used by over 5 million organizations across the globe. It features multiple tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and sheets, Google sites which help in increasing the efficiency of the organization.

The cloud computing trend is fast picking up with more and more organizations switching to it instead of using traditional methods of creating, storing and sharing information. The option of adopting cloud computing is no longer limited to large corporations and is used by organizations of all sizes. Doing away with the need of in-house Hi-tech servers, cloud computing tools enable the organization to work efficiently even without the need of the team being present at a single location.

Cloud computing solutions are cost effective since these can be rented on pay-per-use basis. This is one of the main features that make it suitable for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Other than this, Cloud Computing tools are highly secure, too.

Cloud-based solutions offer an alternative to storing sensitive data on vulnerable devices. Data stored on cloud will be securely protected and can still be accessed even if a device or computing terminal is not functional. It can be accessed from any browser securely.

At Brio, Google Apps for Work has helped us to collaborate and communicate better with team members as well as clients. Our teams have found that communication and sharing has become much easier with Google Apps for Work. Google Apps have allowed us to share data with employees, contractors and third parties by simply giving them access to the same files. The changes made in the documents can be tracked and viewed by all those with whom they have been shared. This eliminates the need to send multiple emails which may lead to confusion and clogging of inboxes.

Using Google Apps for Work has also enabled us to be flexible in our work practices. Our team members can now access important data from any location and any device thus ensuring that the business operations are smoother. Google Apps for Work gives our team the ability to be productive from anywhere.

These cloud computing apps also ensure the security of our valuable data as Google like any other reliable and leading cloud-services provider largely invests in physical and process-based security which it offers to the customers.

We use Google Sites as another tool to help people create and edit web pages. It allows the users to build sites, upload content, and control access permissions. The tool provides us with meaningful dashboards and has kept us focused. It is used to build company intranets, project sites and public-facing sites.

Most tools on Google Apps come with online editors that can be used for creating text documents or document file formats, surveys, presentations and spreadsheets. The tools allow sharing of documents while they can be commented on and collaboratively edited in real time. The changes are recorded in the unlimited revision history. These tools have helped us collaborate within the teams as well as with our customers and vendors.

Other than the popular features such as robust search capabilities and thread conversation, found in the consumer version of Gmail in Google Apps for Work comes with a number of additional features as well. Depending on the plan, the tool offers 30GB or unlimited storage share with Google drive. It helps us in storing and sharing necessary data and working collaboratively on one document. Gmail makes it easier to create tasks, assign work, and coordinate with the members of the team.

Google Scripts enables us to create simple tools which add to our work efficiency and can be used for performing basic system administration tasks.

This cloud based scripting language has helped us in automating our processes. It gets executed on cloud instead of running on client and provides a hassle-free way to automate tasks across Google products as well as third party services. The tool is also used to power Add-ons for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms.

Google Apps for Work has made it easier for all of us at Brio to communicate and collaborate with coworkers. Data accessibility and sharing has also become simpler with these tools. Google Apps for Work is a cost effective way to increase efficiency and has definitely helped us grow as an organization.

Cloud Computing and Teamwork

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Employees are the building blocks of an organization. They work together for the accomplishment of the common objective – increasing the profit margins by delivering good quality products and services to the customers within stipulated timeframes. This will help the organizations establish themselves in their respective line of business.

This is the age of collaborative computing. With increasing competition in different sectors, the companies have to constantly strive to become leading players. Cloud computing is the most recent trend in information technology which lends multiple benefits to the business enterprises in terms of bringing down operational cost and flexibility of storing confidential information as well as accessing it from anywhere around the world.

Teamwork entails proper co-ordination and collaboration among the members of a team so that they can accomplish the assigned tasks seamlessly. Cloud computing enables a geographically distributed team to access their work files from any place, other than the office premises. This holds great relevance, especially for the field employees as they cannot be present in office all the time. Thus, they can perform their tasks efficiently, without any adverse effect on work. Accessing certain applications through cloud computing will further help the team members to collaborate in a better way either in person or virtually.

Before the advent of cloud computing, the team members were required to be present in office premises working for long hours to complete the work and meet stringent deadlines. This posed problems for some team members especially those who had to commute long distances and had dependent children or adults at home. Now, these problems are slated to become a thing of the past with cloud computing giving the team members the flexibility of contributing to work from home. This in turn, results in enhancing productivity of the business enterprise, taking it closer towards its business objective.

Collaborative tools in the market today help the team members to create, and simultaneously edit documents and spreadsheets. Google drive is one such cloud storage collaborative tool, which allows many people to edit the same document or file. As users of Google drive, when you share a document, the other members can view the document and also edit it on the basis of access permissions granted. The tool allows the team members to leave their comments and suggestions specific to the document viewed or edited.

Earlier, the team members had to give a lot of time in creating and maintaining spreadsheets and maintain individual copies which then had to be sent across to bring everybody on the same page. It was a cumbersome procedure for the employees. Many a times, owing to internet connectivity issues, the team members had to spend time in rework for duplicating the documents.

Today, collaborative tools such as Google drive allow the team members to create, update, consolidate as well as save their spreadsheets. These Google spreadsheets make change control simpler without the members worrying over internet connectivity problems.

Cloud-based project management tools save the team members the time and efforts in sending files and documents through email. With the help of these tools, the members can be assigned tasks, the status of the task such as Not Started, Work in Progress, or Completed shows whether the members have started working on a task and when the tasks are completed. For example, Asana is a cloud-based collaboration tool which allows the team members to manage projects and tasks online but does not require them to send emails. Using this tool, the team members can carry out their tasks, wherein they can add comments, tags and also notes.

To be successful in their lines of business and achieve their business goals, the companies diversify their workforce in teams, with each team assigned specific tasks and activities to perform. As a result, business processes run smoothly and efficiently leading the business enterprises towards the business goal.

Top 10 hiring mistakes business owners make

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Hiring Mistakes

If people can move mountains with their determination and hard work, one can easily gauge the vitality and strength of a determined human resource lot. Having the best talent work for you can ensure wonders for your organization. The best of the strategies, technology, processes will not give any result unless the best people are hired to manage them.

“Hiring the Best is your most important task”, said Apple Founder, Steve Jobs. The trick to make sure that is the best talent is acquired is by following a near-perfect hiring process. Unfortunately, the hiring process gets derailed by the mistakes hiring managers commit.

The top 10 hiring mistakes business owners make while undertaking the hiring process can be summed up somewhat as below to help you make better and informed hiring decisions.


  1.      Holding up the Recruitment Process: Time is money!. So, delaying the hiring process is one of the biggest hiring mistakes companies make. As soon as a vacancy appears, the hiring team must swing into action to find the most suitable fit for the profile.
  2.      Wanting to hire someone similar to the former employee: Organizations try to find a candidate who bears similarity to the previous employee. The business gets accustomed to the working of the past employee so much that they unconsciously want to hire anyone who possesses same characteristics and working style.
  3.      Ambiguous job-specifications: Companies ignore the significance of updating the job specifications as and when the vacancy arises. Either the specifications are too old that they do not reflect the real job or they are too short to convey any meaningful information to the prospects. Owing to the dynamic nature of every work profile, the hiring team must keep on updating the specifications of the job so as to give out a vivid description of what the job is all about. It helps getting the most suitable applications for the profile.
  4.      Not preparing for the interview:  It is not always the applicant who needs to prepare thoroughly for an upcoming interview, the same goes for the employer as well. To ensure hiring of the best candidate, make sure you ask the right set of questions. The questions must be framed carefully in advance by the hiring team for eliciting the right responses and getting to know the real appropriateness of the aspirant.
  5.      Personal prejudices and outlooks: This is another common hiring mistake, do not let your personal biases and approaches affect the interview and the candidature of the applicant. Avoid missing out on a very good job-seeker owing to your personal dispositions.
  6.      Not taking inputs from the department for which hiring is undertaken: The hiring team must gather information about the position from the team or the department for which recruitment is done. The employees, who are already working in the same department and are going to share their work with the newly hired, would definitely have great information to disclose relating to the work profile.
  7.      No reference check: One of the biggest blunders is not to check on the references provided by the candidate. It is highly important as checking from the previous employers assures you of the integrity and suitability of the candidate. It is also better to talk to someone rather than ask feedback over email.
  8.      Ignoring cultural suitability: Concentrating only on education, skill-set and experience can be a big hiring mistake. Even the most suitable candidates might find it hard to deliver their best in case they fail to adjust to the hiring organization’s work environment. Therefore, it is important to ascertain that the candidate would be able to fit in without much effort.
  9.      No follow-up with the candidates:  Do not neglect the candidates for long and inform them about the result of the interview as soon as you take the final recruitment decision. The candidates are left in a lurch when they keep on expecting a call while the company has wound up its hiring process. This might fetch negative feedback for the company; after all, candidates are also consumers in a way.
  10.      Lack of training: A productive recruitment process does not end with just zeroing in on the right candidate; it must also entail a sound training plan to help the candidate learn or unlearn to adjust better and quickly. The candidate will feel lost in the new environment without proper on-boarding. It will hamper the productivity of the company as well as the newly hired employee.

Hiring and then firing owing to mistakes committed by the hiring team might prove detrimental for the organization. It will never let the environment be stress free as a faulty hiring process will end up with adverse outcomes for the employees and the organization alike. So, go for a constructive hiring process by eluding the above enumerated mistakes and get the right people for each job role.

Moving from InstaOffice to Google Apps for Work

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The ultimate aim of every business is to keep growing and become bigger.Expanding boundaries and ensuring a double digit growth is a common business goal which cannot be achieved without achieving uncommon efficiency in business management and collaboration. Pushing internal productivity standards requires effective communication and collaboration such as that offered by GSuite (Google Apps for work) earlier know as Gsuie (Google Apps for Business). Until sometime back, InstaOffice suite—the cloud based technology solution for SMEs, was offered by Google in collaboration with Tata Communications.

InstaOffice InstaOffice-to-Googlewas a good communication and collaboration solution that offered to cater business needs such as enhanced effective communication through email and instant messaging.It also helped boost productive output by making it easier to collaboratively create, maintain and share documents or information over the web. InstaOffice was being offered in India until recently, when Google’s collaboration with Tata Communications ended.

G Suite (Google Apps for Business), which is now GSuite (Google Apps for work), provides the complete range of communication and collaboration tools needed to handle increasing amounts of information, keep up with work while travelling, and share information with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Through InstaOffice, Google offered small and medium businesses with email, calendar, groups, chat, docs, sites and videos with secure access from any location through a browser on a PC or a mobile phone. But, with the end of the Google-Tata Communications partnership, the organizations using InstaOffice will need to search for reliable and long-lasting support partners for Google Apps. Brio, a top Google for Work Partner (Google Apps authorized reseller), is all set to take up the challenge to provide the InstaOffice users with reliable and quality Google Apps support services with proven credibility.

At Brio, our endeavour is to make available simple and powerful Cloud based applications to businesses to help them understand their needs and boost their productivity standards. These Cloud based communication and collaboration services can now be availed in the form of GSuite (Google Apps for work) directly from Google or through Google Apps partners.

The Google endeavour of enabling organizations, schools and government departments through technology solutions such as Google Apps, Google Search Appliance, Google Maps and Earth, and Google Cloud Platform is implemented partly by Google for Work Partners from around the world such as Brio.

With personalized and prompt support from GSuite (Google Apps for work) certified Engineers, we at Brio, as an GSuite (Google Apps for work) Partner are committed to assist you in evaluating the best of the messaging and collaboration tools that help you focus more on your business growth. Experience the world’s best in class security, anti-spam, and invisible IT that works, with us, soon.

Choose Brio as your partner in your quest for the best ever cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions in the form of GSuite(Google Apps for Work)!