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G Suite online payment issues – Problems – Support – India

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G Suite Online Payment Issues, Problems with Debit Card / Credit Card in India

GSuite is a fast growing messaging and collaboration tool for organizations of all sizes. More than 5 million businesses use G Suite to run efficiently without spending time on managing IT.

GSuite for business offers free 30 day trial, where you can use all the exciting business features such as emailing, online office tools such as docs, spreadsheets etc, scheduling using calendars, assigning and tracking tasks, video chats using Google Hangout, and much more. Once you decide to go for a full-fledged version, you can proceed with the payments.

Unfortunately, we have been receiving complaints about businesses facing problems in signing up for full version through Google, because of issues with the billing pages on account of the latest Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, which now require all online debit / credit card transactions to be processed using enhanced security procedures, which includes using of ATM PIN.

Google Cloud Partner

This extra step, which includes debit / credit card verification, has been added to ensure that your credit card isn’t misused.

In case you are one of those who are facing a problem in completing your online payment using a credit or debit card and your financial transactions towards the billing of the G Suite productivity suite is being hindered by such a problem, we, at Brio, will be happy to assist you through the billing procedure.

Payment Methods

Being an Google Cloud Partner, we are dedicated to assist you in evaluating the best of the messaging and collaboration tools that help you focus more on your business growth. Sign up to experience the world’s best-in-class apps from Google, and enjoy reliable and prompt services provided by Brio.

Google recommends Brio as your trusted partner while “Going Google!”

Brio’s Growth as Google Cloud Partner Bangalore

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Brio’s growth as a Google Cloud Partner Bangalore has been phenomenal. Brio is among the top Google Cloud Partner in India. The company provides G Suite support to a number of its clients based in Bangalore and other cities of India. Adoption of G Suite in Bangalore or no matter any city of the world is increasing for email and team collaboration. Staffed with an adept Google Cloud certified team, Brio is competently servicing its G Suite clients across multiple cities in the country.

Google Cloud Partner

With the advent of Cloud Technology, onsite support is fading out as the software isn’t installed on the users’ or clients’ hardware. The G Suite is hosted on Google’s world-class servers instead of a customer or vendor location. It can be accessed securely from anywhere to configure G Suite at any point in time for a customer located anywhere in the world.

While being on Cloud, there is no software installation, backup, or upgrade required on the customer’s site. With the location factor becoming insignificant, now the companies can go with the best Google Cloud Partner available in the market. Today’s G Suite customers must not be fixated with finding a local Google Cloud Partner. Rather, they must choose the one that offers the best services. Some additional benefits of choosing a good Google Cloud Authorized Partners are:

  • Email is critical, organizations cannot afford to miss their important emails due to delay in fixing any problem. Brio has expertise and team to get your issues resolved in the shortest possible time.

  • Saves Time: Online Support saves a lot of time as the service executives do not have to travel or commute to your office. There is no time wasted in the transit.

  • Faster Turnaround: Everything happens faster as the online support service personnel have access to all of their resources, reference material or expert help at their end when they are helping you out.

  • Offers Flexibility: There is great deal of flexibility available with online or cloud support as there are fewer dependencies as compared to onsite support.

At Brio, an authorized Google Cloud Partner, we have mastered the art of providing efficient, effective, and reliable online support for our G Suite customers. The smooth process and the effective results from our G Suite support team have won the trust of our customers. Today, it hardly makes any difference for our G Suite customers whether they are located in Hyderabad, Bangalore or for that matter, any part of the world.

With an increasing G Suite client-base in Bangalore, Brio is becoming a preferred Google Cloud Partner in Bangalore for many companies. Bangalore or Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley as the city has all sizes and types of IT companies ranging from software to hardware products and services. Not just that, Bengaluru has a huge market for software applications being used by common businesses for day-to-day operations management. We have been servicing our clients in Bangalore more effectively than any of local Google Cloud Partner. We, at Brio, are so comfortable with the cloud technology that we are implementing and translating it for our customers to experience the benefits of being on cloud.

Try Brio for any G Suite solution and you would never look back.  Click to Start Free Trial

Grow your business with digital marketing

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The age of Digital Marketing has arrived. Introduction of new technologies and social media have had a remarkable impact on consumer behaviour simultaneously the trends have been captured by means of data analytics. So it’s obvious that no business can ignore the age of digital marketing and communications and must be quick to adapt to the new dynamics or risk becoming irrelevant.

Digital Media

Here are a few factors why businesses must consider digital marketing:

  • Cost Reduction

Businesses can create their marketing strategies online with minimal costs, which is a brilliant substitute for the pricey alternatives such as magazines, billboards, television and radio.

  • Brand Recollection

An attractive website that caters to the needs of the target audience and utilizes social media tools boosts the positive recollection of the brand in the minds of consumers.

  • Consumer Engagement

Digital marketing allows businesses to engage with prospective clients and customers like reviewing and rating products and services and providing valuable feedback. It also enhances the publicity, which further helps in converting prospects into loyal customers.

Business owners can no longer afford to think that Digital Marketing is only meant for MNCs or large companies that possess the resources needed to run a marketing campaign online. Rather, Digital Marketing provides smaller businesses with a level playing field so that they can compete against the big businesses.

Small companies can now engage in sales and marketing processes and do what large corporations can. Small businesses can now communicate better with multiple customers from any part of the world, without a brick and mortar presence or requiring call centres.

Digital Marketing helps in raising conversion rates increasing profitability of a business by increasing revenues. Since small businesses can expect growth, using digital marketing tools and techniques will lead to new opportunities of business expansion, workforce expansion and venturing farther ahead by catering to more customers locally as well as in markets abroad.

Internet business tools that have allowed businesses to interact with target audiences form one of the contributing factors of the recent boom in digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing channels. Customer engagement is critical as expectations of customers are communicated and the manner in which businesses handle these interactions is often the difference between their success and failure.

Interacting with customers also provides an insight into the needs and wants of the prospective customer segments. Information like that is vital in making correct decisions to provide customers with better experiences, developing client-customer relationships with them, and winning their loyalty that helps the business to grow.

In the near future, mobile internet is poised to be the next source of communicating and seeking information, due to the increasing popularity and dependence on smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled hand-held devices. It’s high time to design marketing campaigns meant for the mobile consumer, as way of investing in the future and achieving even more growth and capturing markets before competitors do. Mobile gadgets were usually just an alternative for PCs and laptops, but have now become necessities that wield a considerable amount of influence on consumers’ decisions.

The success of digital marketing lies primarily in its simple ability to reach target audiences. It builds their interest in a business’s brand portfolio, products and services. If any promises are made as part of online campaigns, delivering on them helps a business in developing better relationships with their audiences, thereby converting them into loyal customers who will definitely come back regularly for new products and services.

Word of mouth helps in cementing brand reputation, as the satisfied customers are most likely to share their positive experiences with their peers or other people in their social circles. A viral brand reputation will further lead to new opportunities to achieve a greater target audience and growth in business.

The Internet has become a global phenomenon consisting of hundreds of millions of interconnected devices that is projected to grow to billions of devices or gadgets by the year 2020. With digital marketing, businesses will be prepared to take advantage of this Internet-enabled ecosystem influencing people’s lives to unimaginable extents. For businesses to survive in the age of the Internet, they will have to learn to capitalize on this interconnected world that gives them the opportunity to gain access to their target audiences who will undoubtedly be members of this massive web of interconnected devices, or to name it the virtual universe.

What is Mobile Device Management?

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Mobile device management (MDM) can be understood as administering mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, usually by implementing a third party product for management of mobile devices.


MDM ensures employee productivity while adhering to all the ethical corporate policies. MDM is mainly used to segregate corporate data, secure emails, corporate documents, corporate policing, integration and management of mobile devices including laptops. MDM aims to optimize the security and functions of a mobile communication network by protecting and controlling data and configuration settings for the networks’ mobile devices, reducing support costs and business risks in the process.

MDM ensures employee productivity while adhering to all the ethical corporate policies. MDM is mainly used to segregate corporate data, secure emails, corporate documents, corporate policing, integration and management of mobile devices including laptops. MDM aims to optimize the security and functions of a mobile communication network by protecting and controlling data and configuration settings for the networks’ mobile devices, reducing support costs and business risks in the process.

MDM functionality includes dissemination of data, applications and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices. MDM tools can be rendered for company-owned as well as employee-owned devices used by them under the ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ (BYOD) policy in certain organizations. Industry practice allowing for BYOD now requires an increase in security for both the enterprise and the device that connects to it, since employers and employees’ expectations on regulations that apply to mobile devices might differ.

With growing popularity of mobile devices and apps, the importance of mobile monitoring has grown. Vendors assist mobile device makers and developers test and monitor functionality of their mobile content by testing it in real time, detecting and fixing bugs by simulation of usage by thousands of customers at a time.

MDM software allows administrators to distribute applications, data and configure settings and patches in mobile devices similar to desktop computers, which ensures the optimality of performance for users. MDM tools ideally include file sharing and synchronization, application management and data security tools.

Ideally, it can said that MDM:

  • ✔   Is compatible with all popular mobile device operating systems and apps.
  • ✔   Has the ability to run via multiple service providers.
  • ✔   Is compatible with next-gen hardware, operating systems and apps.
  • ✔   Ensures optimality and efficiency of a network by adding or removing devices as necessary.

Organizations can enhance security of their mobile devices when using MDM. For instance, it would be possible to lock the mobile devices from a remote location and it would also be possible to erase all the sensitive data in case the device is stolen or lost. A strong password policy can further protect devices and corporate data. MDM also allows the management of mobile apps on each individual device. Users can distribute, block or remove undesired apps on individual devices as well, ensuring high productivity, reduced risk of malware and ensuring that data plans and call budgets don’t go out of hand.

MDM enables multiple administrators to manage accounts and generate detailed reports that allow users to audit messages sent or received, call logs and costs, apps that have been deployed or uninstalled and any associated activity. Administration portals instantly alert users to important events. Today’s contemporary businesses are also employing MDM to enable employees to work from home or anywhere else nowadays.

In recent times, the changing security landscape has been a concern with regard to the mobile devices on a network. MDM offers a wide range of solutions that will ease the mobile policy enforcement prompting the use of passwords to get the phone unlocked, and helping with security concerns. For cases regarding employees losing their devices or in case of theft, an MDM solution will allow the administrator to wipe sensitive data of the device over the air to avoid the loss of data and also prevent any unauthorized or illegal use of the data.

The future of MDM might mark the end of the physical office. In the era of mobile offices, the challenges of profile management, asset management, and network management are going to be bigger than ever before.

IT administrators of the future will have to be prepared to address these challenges. The future MDM solutions can be expected to feature ‘deep packet inspection’, which would make detecting security threats a lot easier. The administrators would receive immediate alerts of security breaches through smart watches on their wrists. Administrators could eliminate security threats through sophisticated future smartphones. MDM solutions as well could follow the path of ‘Intelligence’, which enables them adapt to the future by learning from the past.

How important are customer reviews ?

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Market research surveys are often used by companies to collect various types of information about their consumers and clients. Some of this information is gathered by businesses prior to introducing products but a majority of customer data is gathered after the introduction of their products.


Whatever be the case, customer feedback is important for a number of reasons.


To determine a customer’s needs and tastes, customer feedback is vital, particularly when a business introduces new products. Companies conduct focus groups, in-person research or customer phone surveys to determine the features, flavours or styles that consumers are looking for in a product. Customer feedback helps companies determine what’s important to their customers, according to The Calgary Beacon article “9 Great Reasons to Conduct Customer Surveys.” Without customer feedback, a company could not possibly learn about the product needs of the consumer. As a consequence, its products are likely to fail in the marketplace.

Brand Performance

Customer feedback also helps a company to better understand how a customer rates and uses their product versus a competitor’s product. It is vital in determining where a company’s products and services excel or fall short in comparison with alternatives on the market.


Customer service satisfaction surveys are the most common type of market research surveys. Companies can determine whether customers are getting their questions answered and problems resolved. Additionally, through surveys, a company can evaluate the performance of its customer service reps and take corrective measures, especially if the feedback indicates that the customer service reps were being rude to customers.

Lessons Learned

Customer feedback from lost customers is especially important as it helps the company in determining why customers are no longer buying its products. The goal of the survey becomes determining courses of action that the company can take to win a customer back.

Market Trends

Customer feedback also is important in detecting certain trends among consumers. For example, a new competitor in the market may introduce new and improved version of a product that potentially threatens the current version a company sells. If customers indicate they would prefer and buy this new version, the company will have to consider adopting innovative changes in their current product.

SEO Benefits

Customer reviews can also have a positive effect on search engine rankings. Since descriptive reviews tend to contain an abundance of keywords, they help a website rank higher on search engines for the products and services on offer.

Other benefits

Reviews on a general level help a company understand the needs of their customers and help them in improving the products and services they sell, adapting to the latest trends, and dealing with their customers. If certain products have received positive reviews, it may be wise to get them back in stock. If certain products prove unpopular, reviews bring it to your attention sooner allowing you to take action in time. Reviews are the real views of your customers, a direct line of communication that allows you to monitor how customers perceive the company’s brand.

A good way of encouraging customers to leave reviews is to offer small incentives, such as entrance into a competition or a small discount on the next purchase in exchange for leaving a review. Another practice is to send an email after each order inquiring if the process was satisfactory and requesting the customer to review their purchase.

It doesn’t matter which industry a company belongs to, or the size of its business, positive testimonials from customers dramatically improve online visibility and brand image. Customers are conditioned to search for information on the Internet. It has become a norm to browse the internet for a desired product or service that could range from a local restaurant, the latest electronic gadgets, etc.

If the internet search guides the customer to your company, the website should have enough information available to influence their decision. In that scenario, reviews could be the deciding factor. If a company has more favourable reviews in which customers are praising its products or services, it leads to new client acquisitions.

There are several sites that publish user reviews and ratings to help consumers find local products and services: Google Places, Yelp, etc. Companies should be focused on understanding these review services and determining what could provide the most benefit to their business.

Reviews, even if negative, can bring positive developments, as long as they aren’t too common. A few bad reviews will provide legitimacy to the rest of the good reviews and reassure visitors that the feedback is genuine and left by real customers.

Brio at IPLEX 2014, Hyderabad

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IPLEX 2014

The team Brio participated in the International Plastics Exposition (IPLEX) 2014 event held at Hyderabad between August 8 and August 11, 2014. The massive event that took place over an area of 11,000 sq. meters saw more than 350 exhibitors of national and international fame come together on a common platform. Team Brio took this initiative to make the business owners and key decision makers aware of the role of Google Apps and Perk Online Payroll in helping to bring in more efficiency and accuracy in management.


With over 50,000 visitors from South and Central India attending the event, the initiative of southern regional plastics of India can be said to have found immense support from the plastic industry from all over India. The popular image of IPLEX built over the years resulted in a business worth $100 million at this year’s event.

The continuously growing IPLEX family, with many young technocrat entrepreneurs venturing into plastics for their career in manufacturing plastics industry, proved to be the ideal platform for Brio to showcase its technology solutions—Perk Online Payroll and Google Apps.

Equipped with the online payroll solutions for the small and the big players of the plastic industry, Team Brio used the opportunity to raise awareness about its technology solutions and their benefits in increasing productivity and reducing time-lags and other issues arising from ineffective payroll and communication processes. With large government spends for micro-irrigation and water conservation using plastics in South India, the boom in the plastic manufacturing industry is a well-understood fact.

Brio@IPLEX-2014The Brio team informed the participants and the attendees about Perk online Payroll software and how it offered excellent way to manage payroll and attendance online. The Perk payroll software, which is easy and simple to use, can empower the companies by helping to manage their payroll from anywhere, anytime, while adhering to the statutory compliances. There are other benefits of using Perk online payroll software such as easy personnel management, leave management, time and attendance, and employee self-service among others.

Many positive market indicators for the plastic industry in South India make it worth switching for companies to the Google Apps for cloud based services. The attendees were told how Brio Google Apps Deployment team, with the experience of having assisted hundreds of large and small organizations, ensures a smooth and successful transition to Google Apps.

With participation of attendees from more than 10 countries, IPLEX 2014 certainly proved to be a good platform for Brio to demonstrate its offerings and present a useful technology proposition to the plastic industry in India.

Effective ways to follow-up with prospects without nagging them.

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Start ups face an array of challenges during the initial few years of their establishment. While striking the magical break-even figures as soon as possible might be the aim for many, one of the biggest challenges for small businesses is to identify the fine line between effective following up on prospects and bothering them with pushy emails and calls. Despite the dilemma, it is very important for businesses in their formative years to reach out to new customers as much as possible, whether at meetings, business events or through email/social media.

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In any business, there is great importance on networking and building connections with prospects. Most Business Development associates are quick at sending product information whenever they receive queries. But, shocking as it may seem, it is found that they don’t do enough when it comes to following up with prospective clients. Usually, most small ventures prefer to sit back and wait for a reply after the initial query and response. Needless to say, a positive response seldom comes gift-wrapped knocking at your door.

Most small business owners choose not to follow-up for the fear of appearing too pushy. While too many calls and follow up emails can indeed drive prospects away, the startling fact is that not many of small businesses ever come close to crossing the line of moral code of conduct. In fact, it is common observation that lack of follow-up efforts can be held accountable for losing business opportunities from prospective clients, and not the excess of it.

One of the most common beliefs among small businesses says that opportunities in the form of prospective clients don’t come walking on their own. Customers may not take the pains to contact the sellers or service providers directly for a variety of reasons even if they are in need of solutions. Sometimes, a prospect may have queries about your offering which he might not directly come and ask. At other times, he may not understand how your product applies to his requirements, or he might be thinking of buying the product not right now but may be after two months. Follow-ups come in handy on such occasions by providing the opportunity to educate your customers and let the prospects appreciate your efforts in helping to fulfill their business needs.

What is required in such a scenario is a standard follow-up process that can strike a balance between being too pushy and not following up at all? The idea is to focus on the value addition in a particular relationship, in a way that a silent reminder is sent across at the same time. It is advisable for you to be responsive at the same time. It is advised to avoid appearing forceful irrespective of the medium of communication, be it on the phone, email, a social media platform or in a face-to-face meeting.

It should appear that you are out to build a lasting relationship with a client—at times by adding some supportive information, useful links, birthday cards, anniversary cards, notes of appreciation—rather than trying to sell your product across. If you share ideas, ask questions and try to understand their needs, it might leave a good impression on their minds regarding your business sense. On the other hand, if you call and focus on selling every time, by repeating the same message, again and again, there are chances that your calls go unanswered and disrespected.

While most small business owners agree that follow-ups are a necessary part of business, they might find it challenging to accommodate them in their busy schedules. Many in the sales domain would agree that it even gets difficult to remember the names sometimes!

Following a systematic approach by making a list of the important prospects, setting up reminders on calendars, deciding a follow-up plan, and recording the process can help you find your way out of the unyielding follow-up dilemma.


Social Media – A Savior of your Small Business?

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Social media is a buzz word which is being tossed around in the business circle as the latest marketing technology and rightly so.

social networking sites

if you have ignored this medium till now and continued to tread the traditional way, it is time for you to wake up to this platform and include it in your business marketing strategy. Most people won’t disagree that social media can give your business the boost it needs for a better growth and performance.

Here are some general advantages that social media provides to the marketing strategy of a business:

1. Connects you with users, directly: Through social media, you can directly engage with your existing customers as well as your potential customers. It gives you the platform for direct interaction with the users and enhances your visibility.

2. Personalizes Marketing: Social media can give a personalized touch to your marketing .You can create relationship with users who would have not otherwise used your product or have not been aware of it. You can make people aware of your product in a more conversational way.

3. Facilitates Direct feedback mechanism: It opens up the process of direct feedback. Existing customers or users can voice their views and opinions about your product. It is a good way to gauge your product’s performance and popularity as social media users can directly respond to your interactions.

4. Enables forming communities and groups: Your business enthusiasts and loyal customers can have the chance to form communities and groups to talk about your products and share their views on it. These groups, communities can keep the users updated with your latest recent developments, offers, and products.

5. Great Opportunities: Offers opportunities and exposure to your company and also spreads the word about your presence in the business world.

The above list is not exhaustive but is surely indicative of various advantages of employing social media in your marketing plans. Staying with the current trends in terms of development and technology is an important rule for success in business. Today’s technologies offer you to interact with your customers in many ways. More and more companies of all sizes are grasping the social media platform for this very reason.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube and other free social media platforms can provide you with the best marketing and advertising strategies. If used innovatively, they can make you popular with the users and give a speedy visibility to potential consumers. It is a good alternative to traditional way of interacting with consumers through TV, radio or print media. This is the new way to communicate and establish rewarding relationships with the consumer market.

Use the social media innovatively : Create interesting posts and interactive platforms. Make sure your content is not only informative but also captivating and appealing. Fathom your consumer’s reaction and channelize your action in the same manner. Provide your consumers with tips and fun facts. Add pictures, share useful reference articles, and include hashtags, for example #SocialMediaHelps. Do not just promote your business, promote your area of expertise as well. In other words, show that you are an expert in what you do through your posts and other interactions. This will give you the edge and earn the respect of your followers who might be you prospects or consumers.

Use your social media pages for sharing information and making conversation. Answer the queries of your customers, this will make you not only visible but also available for them and ensure them of good customer services.

Creativity plus technology can take you far in business. Social media can be adapted to the needs of your business and you can mould it to your advantage. It is definitely the modern marketing technique and has proved to be very fruitful as well, if channelized wisely.