It’s no secret that organizations consider data as one of their most valuable assets and are investing to build their capability for data-driven decision making. It is challenging to manage a flexible and cost-effective data estate on-premises, and we are seeing customers embrace Azure for its best-in-class analytics solutions rapidly. However, migrating analytics workloads can be complex and challenging. The thought of moving large volumes of critical business data has often been too daunting or too expensive for a lot of enterprises. Add to that the challenges inherent in updating all the existing data ingestion and consumption pipelines from your traditional Hadoop environment, and it’s no surprise that many organizations have been reticent to begin their cloud migration.

We are delighted to partner with WANDisco to provide a turnkey solution for Hadoop-oriented data lake migrations, WANDisco LiveData Platform for Azure. WANdisco LiveData Platform for Azure is our preferred solution for Hadoop to Azure migrations. With LiveData Platform for Azure, you can deploy and manage your data lake migrations using the same Azure management experience you enjoy today through the Azure portal and Azure CLI. You begin your data lake migration in minutes and not weeks or months like you would with other solutions. Most importantly, LiveData Platform for Azure allows you to begin migrating your Hadoop-oriented data lake into ADLS with zero business downtime. Watch this video on how game-changing the WANDisco LiveData Platform for Azure solution is for your on-premises data migrations.

“We were intrigued by Analytics services on Azure and wanted to use them for making data-driven decisions more effectively. But migrating Hadoop data lakes is a problem we have had for some time. We are very happy to try the new WANDisco LiveData Platform for Azure and were able to quickly migrate our data without issues. We were also impressed that we could manage our migration entirely through the Azure portal.” – Dawit Alemu, Technical Architecture Lead Analytics CoE, Johnson Controls

LiveData Platform for Azure key features

LiveData Platform comes with two service features, LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure. LiveData Migrator for Azure allows you to migrate your existing data sets with a single pass over the source data set, thus eliminating the need to repeatedly scan for changes. It begins migrating data immediately, and it ensures continuous replication of any changes (creates, appends, and deletes) at your local Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) source to your new data lake in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) including metadata changes.

LiveData Plane for Azure provides active-active data and metadata consistency across two or more distributed Hadoop environments, ensuring 100 percent data consistency at all times. You can use LiveData Plane for Azure, to replicate changes that originate at your on-premises Hadoop cluster to your Azure HDInsight cluster backed by ADLS, and vice versa. LiveData Plane for Azure is driven by a distributed consensus model that ensures, in real-time, that all prospective changes to a Hadoop environment system may proceed safely and without inconsistencies. It also comes with comprehensive support for Hive, Ranger, and Sentry so that all of your structured metadata and centralized access policies are also kept consistent across your multi-environment data estate.

Using LiveData Platform for Azure is easy, as shown in the Azure portal “Create” experience below. With a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, you are ready to go.

Azure Portal’s ‘Create’ experience

You can connect your Hadoop cluster to LiveData platform by downloading and installing the LiveData Migrator as seen below. Once the LiveData Migrator service is running in your on-premises Hadoop environment, you may continue to use the Azure portal for a full management experience.

Hadoop cluster to LiveData platform downloading and installing the LiveData Migrator

LiveData Platform is tightly integrated with Azure and follows the same metered, pay-as-you-go billing model as all other Azure services. LiveData Platform for Azure consumption will appear on the same monthly Azure bill and provides a consistent and convenient way to track and monitor your usage. Please check out the details in the Azure Marketplace and get started in just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can take advantage of first 25 TB migrated into ADLS for free.

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