New RBI guidelines and Impact on AWS Subscriptions

Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) subscriptions would be affected by the new RBI guidelines on monthly subscriptions payments that are done automatically on due dates. Read on to know more.

The new guidelines by RBI, which will be in effect from October 01, 2021; have made it mandatory for banks to seek e-mandates from bank customers. Your AWS subscription will be affected by this new guideline especially how your payments will be made in future. The banks now require customers’ approval for deducting the periodic amounts or subscription payments. Ever since the RBI guidelines have been released, customers are getting emails requesting to modify their payment mode or making payments manually. If you have received email notification from Amazon regarding new guidelines mandated by RBI or your payment has been declined, Brio is here to help you.

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Moving to Cloud can significantly improve your business but the process is extremely daunting. When you migrate to AWS, you need your data as well. Our AWS cloud experts ensure when you move your data with Brio, your business suffers no hiccups. Our time-tested and structured approach makes the migration process simple and stress-free. There is no disruption and you get dramatic savings as well as minimal downtime.

Brio’s AWS support helps with everything you need to migrate and modernize applications on the cloud. By using AWS along with our solution, you get better transparency into cloud resources in addition to cost optimization. We, at Brio, help you understand which cloud solution can align with business processes and technology roadmap. Know the benefits of running your on-premises workloads with Brio Technologies on AWS and gain access to broader and deeper functionality.

By combining the experience and expertise of AWS with Brio Technologies, you get a complete and proven approach for migrating to the cloud so that you can have confidence in your ability to achieve results, faster. We prepare a detailed roadmap for risk-free migration and execute the migration with same ease.

Moving to cloud has unlimited benefits for your business. Unlock the potential of cloud for your business with Brio. Get in touch with Brio team to know how your subscription plans and payments towards AWS subscriptions can be managed effectively and effortlessly.

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