Remote work is here to stay. Not just during the COVID crisis but beyond. Organisations need quick Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to facilitate anytime, anywhere access to business data and solutions for employees, with 100% safety, security and reliability.
Remote desktop virtualization can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 30%. But cost saving is only one factor. In the current situation, it is an organisations’ best bet to respond with agility and to ensure business continuity and employee satisfaction.
“By 2020, Gartner predicts that 50% of new desktops will be delivered in the cloud.”

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Brio’s Services for Windows Desktop Virtualization

While there are a number of Windows Virtual Desktop (WDV) solutions in the market, they suffer from two problems – cost and on-premise setup – not ideal for small and medium sized enterprises with fluctuating needs.

Brio offers cloud-based VDI solutions with its partnership with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (via itopia). Details below.

Benefits of Cloud-based WDV

Quick Deployment
Quick deployment
Roll out fully managed services in less than 24 hours.
Simplified IT
Simplified IT Mgmt.
Manage your apps and devices from one console.
Cost savings
Cost savings
Less costly than on-premise VDI solutions.
Hi – Customizable
The cloud based architecture allows specific configurations.
Efficient & Scalable
Automate over 300+ IT management tasks.
Scale cloud resources based on need.
Virtual sessions ensure sensitive data is protected and stored solely in the cloud, away from local devices.

Brio as your WDV Partner

Partnering with Brio saves you the hassle of managing underlying complexities, freeing your time and resources to run your business. We work with you to understand your requirements in detail, chart out a plan with your collaboration, and execute flawlessly.
Other benefits include:
On time completion
On time completion
On time completion
On budget execution
Quick issue resolution
Quick issue resolution
Multiple payment options
Multiple payment options
Multiple payment options
Billing and licensing support
Multiple payment options
Exclusive access to offers from GCP

Windows Desktop Virtualization on GCP

Brio offers WDV on Google Cloud Platform with itopia. itopia orchestrates Microsoft RDS on Google Cloud to enable secure, remote desktops & apps on any device, anywhere.

Workers enjoy a one-click login to their desktop
or app session via their unique URL or RDP-client

Multiple payment options

Tier 1 sysadmins easily manage their global workforce
from a single, unified console in the browser

Multiple payment options