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By December 11, 2015 January 31st, 2018 Business, Security

In an attempt to counter the rise in phishing and other digital security threats, Brio and Neowave entered into an alliance to start deploying Neowave’s Keydo FIDO U2F security key to Google for Work users.

Neowave’s Keydo Fido U2F security key allows a simple and better security with a newer form of two-factor authentication on Gmail that doesn’t require you to map it with your mobile phone. Instead, it makes the job simpler by just plugging in the USB-based Keydo Fido U2F security key device and letting it do the job of authenticating you.


Brio partners with Neowave to provide a simple and easy solution to protect users from phishing.

Brio is an authorized reseller for Keydo Fido U2F and other Neowave security products in India.

About Brio: Brio is a fast growing cloud computing solutions company with offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore in India and California in USA. Silicon India has featured Brio Technologies among the 25 most promising cloud computing companies in India.

Brio is a reputed Google Apps for work partner in India, helping more than 1000 organizations worldwide Go Google and increase their productivity. Brio’s team of certified Google Apps Deployment Specialists and Google Apps Sales Specialists works round the clock to deliver solutions to it’s customers.

For most of the organization cloud computing is an add on service, Brio specializes in cloud. Brio offer guidance, support for cloud solutions and peace of mind. Whether providing lightning quick support, consulting on the best cloud solution that fits unique business needs, Brio will be a trusted cloud partner for an organization in its transition to cloud and beyond.

About Neowave: Neowave, a French tech-product designer and manufacturer, founded in June 2007, member of the SCS cluster (Secure Communication Solutions), leads the strong authentication and secured transactions segment of the online world. Neowave products combine the high level of security provided by smart cards with the benefits of storage and connectivity technologies like, USB, RFID/NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Since the advent of services taking the web route, instances of phishing, fraud, cyber-attacks and data theft have been on the rise. Neowave aims to tackle these issues by employing authentication technologies like Keydo.

Neowave offers a variety of on smart card based products:

  • Weneo and Linkeo are best suited for professionals, be it in the private sector, public sector or professional organizations.
  • The Keydo range is designed for web/cloud based internet service providers, content providers, enterprise solutions in SaaS mode, financial services, online gaming, health services, companies using Gmail and Google Accounts Pro.

Neowave’s products are designed to be compatible with today’s security software and hardware. Today, the company caters to tens of thousands of users who need various robust authentication applications, ranging from government departments and local authorities to professional organizations.

About FIDO

FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance has brought together some of the biggest names in technology industry such as Microsoft, Google, DELL, Lenovo, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Qualcomm, Infineon, Alibaba, Safran, Gemalto, and Oberthur among several others, with an objective of encouraging an interoperable Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) based security architecture. PKI architecture is one of the latest technologies to step up users’ authentication, in addition to the ubiquitous, password-based authentication.

Neowave’s FIDO U2F aims to boost user authentication by supplementing the usual username and password login mode with a Two-Factor Authentication. During early 2015, many software providers started integrating FIDO technologies with their products and solutions. Microsoft became one of the most prominent among the early adopters by packaging FIDO U2F with its Windows 10 offering.

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