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Brio joins NASSCOM

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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a global trade association of Indian software industry and Business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. The member companies of NASSCOM have their operations in the sphere of BPO services, software development, software products, services as well as e-commerce.

This global body facilitates business in the domain of Information technology (IT) industry. Many Indian IT and BPO companies and also multinational organizations having their operations in the country are the members of NASSCOM.


Brio Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions & services across the globe, has recently accorded membership of NASSCOM. As a member of this trade body, Brio, like many leading companies engaged in the software business, looks forward to reap multiple benefits which will be outlined in the subsequent sections, thus assisting growth in business.

Brio NASSCOM Membership will help the company to bank on numerous advantages which are listed below:

A chance of enhance visibility:

As a NASSCOM member, the member companies can contribute to its newsletters and blogs. Moreover, recognitions and awards presented to the members by NASSCOM also help in brand promotion.

As a member of the trade body, we – at Brio – hope to increase the visibility of our product offerings and services through various features to be published on the NASSCOM website. At the events hosted by NASSCOM, we might a get a chance to give information about our products as well as promote them.

Increasing outreach:

Being a NASSCOM member would give us the opportunity to get information on the industry best practices and also share the latest trends prevalent in the software industry. This will be possible through participating in networking sessions conducted on varied relevant and current topics such as data security, quality and contract management among others.

Get fresh insights on IT trends:

The member companies of NASSCOM have access to its research and intelligence, which makes them aware of the current trends for taking their business operations to the next level. Brio team would feel enlightened to get these insights on the existing best practices through the trade association’s articles, blogs and presentations. Further, we would get a chance to speak to the research team of NASSCOM and share transformational real-time cases.

As a member of NASSCOM, Brio would get an opportunity to participate in the industry forums and shape the development of the industry.

Help in going global:

NASSCOM regularly hosts global events to provide the member companies with some valuable opportunities of engaging with same-sized as well as bigger organizations in their industry segment. These global events would offer Brio with a platform to build robust professional networks with the companies in other nations. Other than this, we would also get regular policy updates. The association’s sessions help the software enterprises get an understanding into issues concerning visas and immigration. They may also provide us insights into the most opportune current trends with the help of country reports.

Organizations from all around the world including China, Japan, European Union, United States and the UK are the members of NASSCOM, a non-profit organization.

NASSCOM, together with the software and BPO sector has adopted a proactive approach in promoting information security, making the security environment, the best worldwide. We are quite confident that our confidential information and data will be in safe hands.

NASSCOM confers recognitions and awards to its member companies in different areas covering social innovation, gender diversity, talent innovation, excellence in IT security, innovation, healthcare IT, DSCI security and privacy.

With the membership of NASSCOM, Brio technologies can serve its clients better by offering software products and services based on the recent trends prevalent in the industry.

Brio success as a Google apps reseller in Chennai

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Chennai Central

Brio has evolved among the leading names as a Google apps reseller in Chennai. It has surpassed its clients’ requirements by providing them the best Google Apps support in Chennai. The company has its clientele spread in multiple locations around the world.

Seamless deployment of Google Apps help the organizations, whether small and medium sized or well established corporate to work in perfect collaboration with all the department employees seated in the main office premises or in multiple locations spread across the globe.

In the era of globalisation, Google apps has made the business operations simple and smooth for its client organizations to keep pace with the severe competition in their specific sectors. Cloud technology is the most recent development in the sphere of technology which allows individuals to access their mails from any machine and location at any point of time. Migrating to Cloud helps the organizations do away with the hassles and expenses involved in the deployment of software, its maintenance as well as hardware upgradations at the client’s location.

However, it is important that the customers pick the best Google Apps reseller in Chennai’s market to enjoy the best services and seamless hosting of Google Apps suite.

Choosing the best Google Apps for work partner will help the companies in Chennai to get rid of any hitches they might face, hampering smooth operations. For instance, they can miss out on important communication over emails in case of a problem.

The online after-sales Google Apps support offered by the software vendors is of utmost importance. The employees of an organization do not have ample time at their disposal to personally visit the Google Apps for work partner office or wait for the support personnel to turn up to the get issue fixed. Thus, it results in saving the employee’s’ time.

The response time in bug fixing is less which makes the resolution of the company’s technical problem faster. Another advantage is that online support lends greater flexibility in comparison to providing support at the client’s location.

At Brio, our team of experts a with their relevant experience in the domain offer efficient as well as consistent online support to the clients in Chennai who have migrated to Google Apps. Our support team for Google Apps customers in Chennai is adept in providing hassle-free and cost-effective services to the client base, thus ensuring customer loyalty. Some of our esteemed clients have their business operations all across India as well as overseas and we have been successfully supporting them in an ever-growing business relationship.

More and more business enterprises are switching to Google Apps in Chennai, seeing the numerous benefits that it offers over the traditional software installation in terms of cost and time. As a consequence, earlier the companies suffered a decline in productivity. However, such issues have been taken care of by the Google Apps suite which has made managing the efficient functioning of an organization smooth.

Let’s take the case of an employee who works in an Information technology company, from a remote location. When he is assigned a task, he can update the progress of the task as not started, work in progress or completed using Google Apps. This will ensure full transparency to the reporting manager on the status of the task assigned without any scope of delay in not completing the assignment on time or not meeting the project timelines.

Brio’s team acts as the best Google Apps Reseller in Chennai to ensure easy deployment of Google Apps suite meeting the client’s specific requirements. Over the years, the level of commitment and expertise, we have exhibited in our work is represented in the trust that our clients have put in Brio. Choosing Brio as your Google Apps reseller will give your organization the best experience as far as efficient deployment and support of Google Apps is concerned.

Why is online attendance management system important?

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Attendance management system holds great relevance when we talk of productivity at workplace and profitability of an organization. Tracking employee attendance can help a company grow and prosper in its respective business domain. It further ensures efficient and smooth operations.

online attendance management

Take the case of an employee working in the accounts department of an organization whose office timings are from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. If he reports late to office regularly but leaves on time, it is quite likely that he will not be able to complete his regular tasks on time and that too with perfection. This, in turn will hamper his performance as well as the company’s overall productivity.

In such instances, the online attendance management system will help the human resource department keep a tab on the chronic late-comers, talk to them and check the issue. Earlier, when the employee attendance was recorded either manually using pen and paper or in excel spreadsheets on the computer systems, it was not so easy to identify the late-coming employees. With delay in access to metrics on attendance in legacy, there was always a negative impact on productivity of the employee in question, the respective department and the organization as a whole.

Tracking Employee Performance

An efficient and effective online attendance system helps the human resource employees to learn which employees avail the maximum leave, leave without intimation or approval from their reporting managers or leave the workplace in the middle of the day.

Online attendance management system plays a key role in the accurate computation of salary. Several sectors such as media and Information Technology (IT) require their employees to work in shifts for meeting the work schedules and project timelines. The cloud-based attendance system will enable the respective employees of the human resource and finance division to do the calculations with precision, with almost negligible possibility of causing errors. As a consequence, it will not generate dissatisfaction among the workforce and they will be motivated to give their best to whatever task they undertake.

Simplified Process with Automated Calculations

Online attendance and payroll has simplified the lengthy and complex calculations involved in computing overtime and variable pay components which otherwise were very time-consuming and in most of the cases, the chances of discrepancy were high.

Enforcing Discipline

Another benefit of migrating to online attendance system is that it will help enforce a sense of discipline and punctuality among the workforce. Work ethics cover principles such as adherence to the company policies, mutual coordination and support, commitment towards organizational goals, and taking up the responsibility for one’s work. Attendance is also an indispensable part of the code of ethics at the workplace. If an employee in a specific department reports late to work, other employees in the department may also start following a similar trend of coming late to office. This disturbs the coordination and collaboration among the employees within the department, as a consequence of which, work is affected.

Doing Away with Paperwork and Filing

Previously, in the absence of online attendance management system, the organizations had to maintain multiple registers, which made it quite difficult for them to keep track of the employees’ daily in-time and out-time. Thus, it was very tedious and time-taking task to ensure punctuality in attendance.

Boost in Productivity

Being punctual and reporting on time enhances the productivity of a business enterprise. Reporting to work on time will ensure timely execution of the assigned tasks in a seamless manner, enabling the company to scale great heights in its respective industry of operation. The efficient attendance system brings commitment and professionalism to the workplace along with punctuality. It also generates goodwill among the employees.

Easy Remote Access

Moreover, a cloud-based attendance management system will make all the employee attendance details available at one place that can be accessed by the employees from anywhere. This will reduce their dependency on HR department employees for information and will lend more transparency to the entire system.

The evolution of online attendance management system has done away with the hassles and tediousness of the traditional modes of employee attendance records such as manual entries and record maintenance on excel spreadsheets. It has revolutionised the attendance system, thus improving the productivity of the organization without compromising on the employee motivation.

Online Payroll Software & Statutory Compliances in India (ESI, PF, PT, TDS)

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Payroll is one of the key functions of an organization. Payroll processing involves many complex tasks such as entering the details of the new inductees, updating leave records, submission and approval of timesheets for accurate computation, and dispensing off the salaries after making statutory (PF, ESI, PT, TDS)and non-statutory deductions.

Income Tax

The statutory compliances relating to payroll in India include health benefits covered under ESI, bonus, maternity benefits for women employees and superannuation benefits – Provident Fund, Gratuity and Tax Deduction at Source (TDS). TDS is deducted on the ‘cost to company’ (CTC) if the salary comes under the income tax slab. It is the total cost incurred by the employer inclusive of all the allowances, benefits and perquisites. Professional tax (PT) is another statutory deduction made from the gross salary of the employees. Women employees are also entitled for maternity benefits. The employees who put in extra hours at work are entitled to get overtime payment which is again a statutory requirement and is applicable primarily in manufacturing companies.

Initially, computation of these statutory compliances was done manually, involving lot of paperwork. Doing these complex calculations took up a lot of time and efforts of the concerned department employees. It also increased the probability of committing errors in salary and leave calculations.

These difficulties were somewhat minimised with the advent of computers. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets eased the problems of the employees of the respective human resource and finance departments to some extent. They could enable faster calculations with the help of formulas in the spreadsheets. However, it did not free them of the hassles they faced in the computation of statutory compliances for all the employees of an organization. For example, let us consider that 15 employees in the production department of a manufacturing company are drawing CTC in the slab of 3 LPA to 6 LPA. The calculation of statutory deductions will not be the same for all the employees as they are drawing different CTC. Further, when an employee gets a raise or an increment in salary, the human resource division employees have to do the statutory deductions all over again as per the new compensation package. This is a tedious and time-taking exercise with the possibility of committing errors being high.

The employee grievances over the deductions made in their salary also increase due to lack of transparency. The respective employees flock to the human resource department with their escalations, which consumes a lot of time of the employees.

This is when the companies realise the importance of migrating to online payroll system to put an end to these complex issues faced during payroll processing. Moreover, it would minimise the chances of committing errors, leading to 100 percent accurate computation of salary. With all the salary details of the respective employees at one place inclusive of the statutory deductions, it will lend transparency to the whole system. This would, in turn, increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees. The human resource and finance department employees of an organization who were otherwise involved in working out long calculations can utilise their time in productive assignments. This enhances the overall profitability of the enterprise as the efficiency of the employees goes up.

With the cloud-based online payroll system, the computation of statutory compliances has become very easy and simple for the respective employees involved in the same. Further, the employees can also generate PF, ESI and bonus reports with full accuracy.

Online Payroll Software – Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) for salaries

  • Keep track of monthly TDS Challans paid
  • Generate FVU file for quarterly filing of TDS returns 24Q
  • Generate Digitally signed Form 16 with Part A and Part B

Online Payroll Software – Provident Fund (PF)

  • Generate KYC File
  • Generate monthly ECR File Electronic Return cum Challan File

Online Payroll Software – Employee State Insurance (ESI) for salaries

  • Generate Monthly Contribution File
  • Generate New Insured Person’s IP File

Online Payroll Software – Professional Tax (PT) for salaries

  • Generate Professional Tax Reports for respective states
  • Generate Professional Tax deduction reports for online filing

Organizations operating in different sectors, be it manufacturing, information technology, real estate, banking and finance, to name a few are governed by various legal provisions for safeguarding the interests of both, the company and its workforce. It prevents the ill-treatment of workers at the hands of their employers working at different tiers in the organization. All the organizations, whether small and medium enterprises or large corporate houses are mandated to strictly adhere by the provisions laid down in these labour legislations for the smooth running of their businesses. The company can get into serious trouble if found violating the provisions mentioned under the labour laws.

Statutory compliances play an important role in the payroll processing therefore they need to be implemented with great care and precision. Online payroll systems such as Brio’s Online Payroll application, have simplified the complex calculations involved in processing of payroll. Moving to an online payroll has helped the organizations to work within the provisions of the legal framework in a time and cost-effective manner with highest degree of accuracy. It’s time you switched over too if you are still maintaining your payroll on spreadsheets.

Chromebox for meetings makes Video Conferencing Simple

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Face-to-face communication in business meetings and conferences helps in building robust relationships with the respective clients. Phone calls, emails and messaging are the other most commonly used channels in business communication, but they can never ever match the impact made by face-to-face conversation. Hand movements, facial expressions and voice intonation lets the participating members comprehend the information transmitted, much effectively. Moreover, face-to-face conversation minimises the incidence of misinterpretation and miscommunication of ideas.

chromebox for meetings

In the age of globalisation, with the business operations of companies spread across many geographies, the main concern hovers around internal communication i.e. how to make the employees and the business partners aware of the organization’s strategic plan, discuss business objectives and chart out futuristic course of action. Asking the concerned employees to travel to and from different locations for this purpose involves additional expense and is a time-consuming affair. Further, it hampers the productivity of an enterprise. In this highly competitive and volatile business environment, it is imperative to make the best use of the time and assets to scale the heights of success.

These communication-related issues have been successfully taken care of by virtual communication advancements such as Video conferencing solutions, which made face-to-face communication across geographies, a reality. However, the traditional videoconferencing solutions failed to meet the business requirements owing to performance issues, bandwidth requirements as well as lack of interoperability. It also did not match the quality expectations of the business houses. Setting up video conferencing solutions was not easy and required the services of an IT professional. Furthermore, it used to entail very high costs, making it difficult for the small and medium enterprises (SME) to deploy it.

Sensing the significance of the video conferencing solutions in staying connected with the distributed workforce and clients, thus increasing the overall company profitability, the software companies have come up with simple, easy to use solutions addressing the earlier shortcomings.

Chromebox for meetings is an easy to deploy and simple-to-use video conferencing solution. It saves the organization time by updating itself automatically. The most recent features included in the video conferencing solution will be provided to the companies as soon as they are unveiled. The video conferencing solution can be set up in a matter of minutes, unlike traditional video conferencing solutions that require separate room for installing the complicated system. For running the Chromebox solution, the only requirement is that of a display screen in the conference room. To get started, just plug the display to the Chromebox for meetings.

This video conferencing solution permits a total of 15 people to join in the conversation from different regions of the world. It can be integrated with the other Google apps such as Google calendar. The business clients and partners can be invited to join in the meeting if they have an email account on Gmail. It also offers the flexibility of joining in through phone using Uber Conference.

The high definition video conferencing solution enhances the productivity of an organization in a phenomenal way as the employees sitting at any location can communicate with each other anytime to discuss important business initiatives for taking your company to the next level. The time and expenses that would otherwise go in travelling long distances to attend a business meeting can be profitably utilised to make key business decisions, helping the enterprise stay ahead in the competitive rat race. With this high definition video conferencing solution, you can keep in regular touch with your team members, ensuring timely completion of projects. This improves the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Chromebox for meetings makes instant collaboration possible simply at the click of a remote. It does away with the pass codes and dial-in codes. It also does not require wires and adaptor and allows wireless sharing of laptop screen.

The most vital aspect is that Chromebox for meetings does not compromise on quality. This collaborative tool offers the organization the best experience by bringing High definition video conferencing to speed up business processes. You can join in a meeting from any part of the globe anytime, using any device.

This collaborative tool keeps the distributed workforce of an organization connected, making seamless face-to-face conversation possible in real time. It improves focus, efficiency and performance resulting in higher profits and bigger successes for the organization as well its people.

Brio can help the organizations willing to adopt the powerful video-conferencing tool – right from buying this high definition video conferencing system to its installing and facilitating instant connectivity between the participants spread across multiple locations. The team of experts at Brio will ensure seamless functioning of Chromebox for meetings at your end, offering the companies the best experience of being connected. To know more about Chromebox for Meetings, contact Brio Technologies today.