Chromebox for meetings makes Video Conferencing Simple

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Face-to-face communication in business meetings and conferences helps in building robust relationships with the respective clients. Phone calls, emails and messaging are the other most commonly used channels in business communication, but they can never ever match the impact made by face-to-face conversation. Hand movements, facial expressions and voice intonation lets the participating members comprehend the information transmitted, much effectively. Moreover, face-to-face conversation minimises the incidence of misinterpretation and miscommunication of ideas.

chromebox for meetings

In the age of globalisation, with the business operations of companies spread across many geographies, the main concern hovers around internal communication i.e. how to make the employees and the business partners aware of the organization’s strategic plan, discuss business objectives and chart out futuristic course of action. Asking the concerned employees to travel to and from different locations for this purpose involves additional expense and is a time-consuming affair. Further, it hampers the productivity of an enterprise. In this highly competitive and volatile business environment, it is imperative to make the best use of the time and assets to scale the heights of success.

These communication-related issues have been successfully taken care of by virtual communication advancements such as Video conferencing solutions, which made face-to-face communication across geographies, a reality. However, the traditional videoconferencing solutions failed to meet the business requirements owing to performance issues, bandwidth requirements as well as lack of interoperability. It also did not match the quality expectations of the business houses. Setting up video conferencing solutions was not easy and required the services of an IT professional. Furthermore, it used to entail very high costs, making it difficult for the small and medium enterprises (SME) to deploy it.

Sensing the significance of the video conferencing solutions in staying connected with the distributed workforce and clients, thus increasing the overall company profitability, the software companies have come up with simple, easy to use solutions addressing the earlier shortcomings.

Chromebox for meetings is an easy to deploy and simple-to-use video conferencing solution. It saves the organization time by updating itself automatically. The most recent features included in the video conferencing solution will be provided to the companies as soon as they are unveiled. The video conferencing solution can be set up in a matter of minutes, unlike traditional video conferencing solutions that require separate room for installing the complicated system. For running the Chromebox solution, the only requirement is that of a display screen in the conference room. To get started, just plug the display to the Chromebox for meetings.

This video conferencing solution permits a total of 15 people to join in the conversation from different regions of the world. It can be integrated with the other Google apps such as Google calendar. The business clients and partners can be invited to join in the meeting if they have an email account on Gmail. It also offers the flexibility of joining in through phone using Uber Conference.

The high definition video conferencing solution enhances the productivity of an organization in a phenomenal way as the employees sitting at any location can communicate with each other anytime to discuss important business initiatives for taking your company to the next level. The time and expenses that would otherwise go in travelling long distances to attend a business meeting can be profitably utilised to make key business decisions, helping the enterprise stay ahead in the competitive rat race. With this high definition video conferencing solution, you can keep in regular touch with your team members, ensuring timely completion of projects. This improves the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Chromebox for meetings makes instant collaboration possible simply at the click of a remote. It does away with the pass codes and dial-in codes. It also does not require wires and adaptor and allows wireless sharing of laptop screen.

The most vital aspect is that Chromebox for meetings does not compromise on quality. This collaborative tool offers the organization the best experience by bringing High definition video conferencing to speed up business processes. You can join in a meeting from any part of the globe anytime, using any device.

This collaborative tool keeps the distributed workforce of an organization connected, making seamless face-to-face conversation possible in real time. It improves focus, efficiency and performance resulting in higher profits and bigger successes for the organization as well its people.

Brio can help the organizations willing to adopt the powerful video-conferencing tool – right from buying this high definition video conferencing system to its installing and facilitating instant connectivity between the participants spread across multiple locations. The team of experts at Brio will ensure seamless functioning of Chromebox for meetings at your end, offering the companies the best experience of being connected. To know more about Chromebox for Meetings, contact Brio Technologies today.

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