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By September 3, 2015 October 20th, 2015 Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Platform - GCP

Nowadays, in an endeavor to stay ahead in the competition, more and more companies are migrating to cloud to carry out their day-to-day business activities seamlessly. The Google Cloud Platform may just be the answer to be there where the future is.

Google Cloud Platform india

Google Cloud Platform provides flexible virtual machines as well as a fully managed platform, enabling the customers to select a system matching the specific requirements of the clients. In a situation when you only intend to pay attention to the code, use Google’s app engine, the platform-as-a-service, with no concerns of maintenance and patching.

Be it storage, application or computing services for mobile, backend or internet solutions, cloud platform makes the deployment a smooth and hassle-free experience for your organization.

Google, as a cloud services provider, employs most sophisticated software-defined networking and offers best caching services to deliver optimal, quick and reliable performance. As the company enjoys a worldwide presence, your data can be automatically copied through storage gadgets across many geographies. Once a company hosts the developed applications on Google cloud platform, it does not need to harbor any concerns with respect to system administration. The applications, storage servers and also database is managed by one the most-reputed tech giants – Google. So, it saves your time and efforts that would otherwise go in taking care of the system administration.

Moreover, running applications on the Google Cloud Platform frees the company of the concerns related to server configuration, load balancing, database administration and sharing as these issues are taken care of by Google.

Integration with development tools such as eclipse simplifies the development as desired by the customers. It also offers a command-line interface as well as API client libraries. Additionally, it allows the subscriber companies to view as well as handle all the apps from just one console. How well an app is functioning can be seen with a simple interface. The cloud platform also takes care of the billing as well as account management.

Google Cloud Platform has been made in such a way that it can scale up even in scenarios whenever a massive upsurge in traffic is witnessed. Cloud Datastore and App Engine are such services that provide automatic scaling, allowing the specific app to grow with the users. This brings down the overall company expenses incurred on purchasing software and thereafter incurring overhead expenses on its repair and maintenance. The company has to pay for the software licenses purchased irrespective of the usage across the total number of computer systems whereas in the case of Cloud platform, the companies only pay for those computing resources that are utilized.

Further, it offers reliable and also quick performance throughout the range of application, computing and storage services. The applications offer steady performance to the customers with robust processing. As a consequence, latency is considerably reduced.

In addition to these benefits, the companies that go for Google Cloud platform get access to community based support that covers documentation, resources and training content. This support is offered free of cost. On top of it, the concerns and problems of the customers can be resolved by the team of specialists providing 24*7 support over phone.

Brio Technologies has carved a niche for itself in providing qualitative Google Cloud Platform services to its customer base spanning the globe. The experts at Brio ensure fast and seamless deployment of the software technology offering complete support to its clients regarding any issues that crop up in running applications hosted on the Google Cloud platform.

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