How Important is Cloud Computing for Startups & SMB

By January 3, 2014 February 4th, 2015 Business, Cloud Computing

How important is the cloud for startups and the general small and midsized business (SMB) community? How they can utilize the cloud to actually help increase their overall bottom line. Here are few ways your startup or small business can leverage the cloud for business growth.

1. Huge Time Saver: Start using the application in minutes you signup. You don’t have to worry about installing the software and other hardware issues. Focus on what you want and get it fast.

2. No upfront Investment: You enjoy the best infrastructure without having to invest on it. All you need to pay is a subscription fee and you are ready to go.

3. No Vendor Locking: You don’t get struck to one vendor as you do when you buy a software outright due to your financial commitment. When you are on cloud, you don’t like them, switching to other vendor is easy as you have only paid for what you have used.

4. Get the best: Most cloud apps can be integrated with other cloud apps. So you can use the best of Accounting, Payroll, CRM, Email and much more integrated with each other.

5. Work anytime anywhere: Cloud applications can be accessed anywhere anytime and on any device. This brings more collaboration in your team and speeds up your work.