Employees Recruitment Techniques

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Finding the right employees for your business is critical to maintaining quality and productivity. Hiring the right employee saves your business money, reduces turnover, and reduces the time and money you need for future recruiting efforts. By using effective employment recruitment techniques, you can increase the number of appropriate applicants to fill positions in your company.


A classic employment recruitment technique is the “help wanted” advertisement in your local newspaper. While you can still utilize this form of recruitment, an online ad can be more cost-effective and reach a broader audience. Ads placed on job websites or on your business website can draw potential employees from a wider geographic area. For targeted recruitment, you can place ads on industry specific job boards.

Career Fairs

For entry-level jobs, career fairs can help you recruit recent graduates and individuals who want to change careers. Some colleges and universities sponsor on-campus career fairs that can help you recruit well-educated employees for your business. Job fairs also provide an easy way to collect resumes to help fill future vacancies.


Maintain a database or filing system for potential employees based on resumes collected at career fairs, from your website or from manual submissions. When looking to fill a vacancy, review your file of resumes for potential applicants and send queries to possible candidates. This recruitment method can help fill vacancies faster at a lower overall cost than starting a fresh recruiting effort.

Employment Agencies

If you are searching for employees with specific skills, you may want to work with a recruiting agency that screens and potentially tests applicants based on the skills you require. While the initial cost of utilizing an employment agency may be high, the long-term reward of a well-placed, highly capable employee can be greater than the initial recruitment cost.

Internal Recruiting

Internal recruiting is an effective method of filling vacancies. Existing employees have an established track record that can be matched to a current vacancy. Even if the employee needs some additional training to fulfill all the position requirements, companies gain valuable employee relation benefits by hiring from within. Promoted employees may demand lower compensation than those hired from external sources; in addition, you decrease turnover by providing advancement opportunities.

Employee Referrals

Your existing employees can be a great source of providing recruitment referrals. They may know of a good match for a vacancy that would not respond to more traditional recruitment methods. Many potential employees are working for other companies and are not actively looking for employment, but may be enticed to change employment for the right opportunity. You should encourage employee referrals by providing bonuses for all new hires employed based on a referral.

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