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Time and attendance software or Online attendance software

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Can a Time and Attendance Software or Online Attendance Software help companies grow?

Online Attendance Software

It is a well-known fact that if employers get to focus on their core businesses, it can translate to a huge profits for their company. This is probably the reason why many companies employ effective and efficient means for time and attendance management. A mature time and attendance software or online attendance software enables efficient processing and enhanced focus on their core competencies.

Payroll processing can get complex and complicated at times, especially for companies with a large employee base and many employment modes such as part-time, hourly-paid basis, contractual or temporary employment, work-from-home mode, and the regular full-time employment.

In such a scenario, online attendance software can mean reduced financial and administrative costs and in turn, increased productivity. All the features of the Perk payroll for online time and attendance management can take care of all the needs of time keeping and attendance management of the diverse workforce.

Companies using online time and attendance software such as Perk Payroll can easily avoid the delays and errors in consolidation of payroll data of employees working from multiple locations. With employee leaves having been integrated with their time cards, the last minute rush to compile the data needed to generate payroll can be said to be a thing of the past. So, errors in payroll can be eliminated as an added benefit of time and attendance software.

With different organizations using different tools to record the attendance of their employees, capturing the attendance accurately can be a major problem for employers. Using Perk’s  online attendance software can make it easy to import attendance records from the various possible options such as attendance registers, biometric or RFID time recorders and door access control or software.

With Perk online payroll, you can enjoy the benefit of multiple ways to capture the attendance of your employees because it enables you to:

  • Import attendance from Microsoft Excel

  • Get your time recorders and door access controls integrated

  • Update the attendance data easily using bulk attendance updating tools

  • Use online forms to capture check in and check out of your employees

Perk payroll also empowers you to use any of the various alternatives of recording attendance according to the varying functions of different job roles. While it may be necessary to record the Daily Check In / Check out Timings for administration personnel, employees of the marketing department can only be marked with present or absent. The monthly attendance like number of days present, absent, holidays, and leaves of all the employees at all the geographical locations can be calculated easily using the online attendance software.

Moreover, recording the early, late, short hours, and overtime of the employees becomes important for their suitable compensation, motivation, and employee self-assessment, especially at the time of performance appraisal.

So it is no secret that a company can save a lot of money, time, effort, and can make the management of employee leave all the more easier, simply by switching over to an efficient and effective online time and attendance software.


Free Microsoft Excel Payroll or Spreadsheets for payroll, but at what cost?

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When it comes to payroll management, a number of small and medium businesses choose to go with creating a Payroll record in Microsoft Excel. Those who opt for Microsoft Excel for payroll may think that using spreadsheets could be cheaper and easier to work and maintain. These myths are likely to be dispelled as soon as they start growing and if they continue to use Excel for a longer duration. The problems encountered with a Microsoft Excel-based application for payroll could broadly be listed as below:

Installation and Upgrades
To use Microsoft Excel-based Payroll application, you need to have a licensed version Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. With time, you would need to make sure that your Microsoft Excel copy is upgraded to the latest version.

Maintenance and Data Backup
One of the biggest disadvantages of using Spreadsheets for payroll is that data backup is completely your responsibility. This is risky as well as time-consuming. You will either need to set up reminders to take manual backup of the records or you will need more hardware and software setup to ensure automatic backup and sync. All manual processes carry the risk of human dependencies and errors while the automatic backup mechanism cost you more.

Role-based Access
Microsoft Excel files can be password-protected by the author but there is no way to have different users open the same file but access only some specific information. It wouldn’t offer you role-based access. An Excel-based application cannot be simultaneously used as an administrator, a manager or an employee, to accomplish different objectives.

Another disadvantage of using spredsheet for Payroll processing is its low security level. The security level in the case of online payroll software is high enough so that you may rest assured that your data is secure and protected.

Access to Employees
Microsoft Excel for payroll can’t be made accessible to a large number of users, round the clock irrespective of their location. It is a big limitation in the time when you would want to offer great flexibilities to your staff in accessing some information all the time, regardless of where they are located.

Sending Payslips
Generating and sending payslips is an important activity that must essentially be accurate, secure and efficient. This process could be too cumbersome if you are on Microsoft Excel-based payroll application.

Consolidating Data
Consolidating payroll data is not entirely possible in Microsoft Excel-based payroll where you have to deal with different sheets for different months, making it unmanageable and painful.

Scope for Errors
Microsoft Excel-based Payroll users generally copy the sheets from previous month for the payroll of the current month. Chances are that the user may forget to make the changes for the current month for a few records. Thus, scope for errors outweighs in case of Microsoft Excel Payroll due to heavy manual intervention.

Unfortunately, when spreadsheets are used for payroll lack a number of important and useful features that Perk Online Payroll Software offers for its users. If you decide to go with spreadsheet for maintaining your payroll now, chances are high that you may have to pay a heavy price for your decision in the future. There are many more reasons that make online payroll a definitely better deal than opting for Microsoft Excel-based payroll application.

Get in touch to realise the power you can get when you switch over to Perk Online Payroll Software.

Brio at IPLEX 2014, Hyderabad

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IPLEX 2014

The team Brio participated in the International Plastics Exposition (IPLEX) 2014 event held at Hyderabad between August 8 and August 11, 2014. The massive event that took place over an area of 11,000 sq. meters saw more than 350 exhibitors of national and international fame come together on a common platform. Team Brio took this initiative to make the business owners and key decision makers aware of the role of Google Apps and Perk Online Payroll in helping to bring in more efficiency and accuracy in management.


With over 50,000 visitors from South and Central India attending the event, the initiative of southern regional plastics of India can be said to have found immense support from the plastic industry from all over India. The popular image of IPLEX built over the years resulted in a business worth $100 million at this year’s event.

The continuously growing IPLEX family, with many young technocrat entrepreneurs venturing into plastics for their career in manufacturing plastics industry, proved to be the ideal platform for Brio to showcase its technology solutions—Perk Online Payroll and Google Apps.

Equipped with the online payroll solutions for the small and the big players of the plastic industry, Team Brio used the opportunity to raise awareness about its technology solutions and their benefits in increasing productivity and reducing time-lags and other issues arising from ineffective payroll and communication processes. With large government spends for micro-irrigation and water conservation using plastics in South India, the boom in the plastic manufacturing industry is a well-understood fact.

Brio@IPLEX-2014The Brio team informed the participants and the attendees about Perk online Payroll software and how it offered excellent way to manage payroll and attendance online. The Perk payroll software, which is easy and simple to use, can empower the companies by helping to manage their payroll from anywhere, anytime, while adhering to the statutory compliances. There are other benefits of using Perk online payroll software such as easy personnel management, leave management, time and attendance, and employee self-service among others.

Many positive market indicators for the plastic industry in South India make it worth switching for companies to the Google Apps for cloud based services. The attendees were told how Brio Google Apps Deployment team, with the experience of having assisted hundreds of large and small organizations, ensures a smooth and successful transition to Google Apps.

With participation of attendees from more than 10 countries, IPLEX 2014 certainly proved to be a good platform for Brio to demonstrate its offerings and present a useful technology proposition to the plastic industry in India.