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6 steps to team success with Google Apps

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People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team.

Google Team

Google helps you to create a workplace environment by following these simple steps.

1. Schedule a meeting

Ask every person in the room to create a “Test Event” in Google Calendar, with a specific street address in the Location field of the event. Have each person invite at least two other people in the room to the test event. Ask the invited people to respond, with one accepting the invite and the other declining. Delete the “Test Event” when finished.

Extra credit mobile homework: Create a Google Calendar meeting invitation from your Android or Apple mobile device.

2. Collaboratively edit a document

Ask one person in the room to create a new Google Document, then share the document so that “Anyone” can “Edit” the document.

Next, ask everyone in the room to open Google Docs in their browser and search for the newly created document from the the search box on the Docs page.

Once everyone in the meeting has the document open, demonstrate how everyone can chat,insert comments, or edit the document. Do this by:

  • First asking everyone to type a message in chat
  • Second, asking two different people to select some text and “Insert | Comment.” Show how comments appear, how you can reply, and how you can then mark a comment resolved.

(Note: Be prepared to explain the various document sharing settings.)

Extra credit mobile homework: Install the four Google document apps on your Android or Apple mobile device: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Use the Docs app to both edit and insert a comment on a Google Doc from your device.

3. Share a document from Gmail

Ask each person in the room to create a new Google Document. Then, using a Gmail account, insert the newly created Google Document into an email. They may have to approve changing the permissions of the document before sending.

Extra credit mobile homework: Install the Gmail app on your Android or Apple mobile device. Create an email, and use the “Insert from Drive” feature to share a document from Drive within Gmail.

4. Seek people’s input

Have each person in the room create a Google Form with five question: one text, one multiple choice, one checkboxes, one scale, and one date. Ask each person to send the form to three people in the meeting. Have the recipients fill out the form.

Extra credit mobile homework: Install the Google Chrome browser app on your Android or Apple mobile device. Test filling out your form from your phone. Optional: use the Slides app to view responses.

5. Connect and share with a team

Create a private Google+ Community for your team. Demonstrate how people can post text, links, images, or articles to the community. Ask people to comment on a demonstration post. Begin to use the Google+ Community as a way for your group to communicate when they’re not all together in the meeting room.

Extra credit mobile homework: Install the Google+ mobile app on your Android or Apple mobile device. Share a work-related photo from your device to the Community.

6. Meet without the meeting room

Use Hangouts for group chat “backchannel” during a meeting. Or, try Hangouts for a private video meeting (of up to 15 people in Google Apps for Business) in place of your in-person meeting.

Extra credit mobile homework: Install the Hangouts mobile app on your Android or Apple mobile device. Hold a video meeting with at least two other colleagues over a Wi-Fi connection.

Change takes time

Going through these six exercises with your team should help build new habits. Repetition will help create proficiency.

Just remember that a move to Google Apps also means a move to a new way of thinking. “To share a document” used to mean “make a copy” — but with Google Docs, “to share” means to enable access. The goal is the same, but the process is, well… different.

Remotely access computers using Chrome Remote Desktop

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Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely access one computer from another over the Internet. For example, you can use the app to securely access your files or applications from another computer. Or you can give a friend temporary access to your desktop so they can help you solve a computer problem.

Set up Chrome Remote Desktop

Install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on every computer you want to access remotely and every computer you’d like to connect from.

1.  Visit the Chrome Remote Desktop app page in the Chrome Web Store.

2.  In the upper-right corner of the window, click the blue + Free button to download Chrome Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop

3.  Click Add in the confirmation dialog.

Remote Desktop image

4.  Once the app has been added, the Chrome Remote Desktop icon  will appear in the App Launcher

Remote Desktop image

5.  When you open Chrome Remote Desktop app for the first time, you’ll be asked to authorize it. This will allow the app to do the following:

  • See your email address
  • See your Chrome Remote Desktop computers
  • Receive and send chat messages (this is how we get the two computers to “talk” to each other)

Remote Desktop image

6.  Now click on get started for remote assistance

Remote Desktop image

7.  Click on the Share button

Remote Desktop image

8.  To begin sharing your desktop with other computer type the access code.

Remote Desktop image

Enable Remote Access to your computer

To enable the computer you want to access remotely, you’ll need to use a Google Account.

1.  Open a new tab in Google Chrome

2.  Under the Chrome search bar, click Apps

Remote Desktop image

3.  Open the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

Remote Desktop image

4.  If the Get Started button appears in the “My Computers” box, click it to display remote connection options.

5.  Click Enable remote connections.

Brio’s Growth as Google Apps Reseller in Bangalore.

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Google Apps Reseller Bangalore



Brio’s growth as a Google Apps Reseller in Bangalore has been phenomenal. Brio is among the top Google Apps Authorized Resellers in India. The company provides Google Apps support to a number of its clients based in Bangalore and other cities of India. Adoption of Google Apps in Bangalore or no matter any city of the world is increasing for email and team collaboration. Staffed with an adept Google Apps certified team, Brio is competently servicing its Google Apps clients across multiple cities in the country.

Google Apps Authorized Reseller, Brio

With the advent of Cloud Technology, onsite support is fading out as the software isn’t installed on the users’ or clients’ hardware. The Google Apps suite is hosted on Google’s world-class servers instead of a customer or vendor location. It can be accessed securely from anywhere to configure Google Apps at any point in time for a customer located anywhere in the world. While being on Cloud, there is no software installation, backup, or upgrade required on the customer’s site. With the location factor

becoming insignificant, now the companies can go with the best Google Apps Reseller available in the market. Today’s Google Apps customers must not be fixated with finding a local Google Apps Reseller. Rather, they must choose the one that offers the best services. Some additional benefits of choosing a good Google Apps Authorized Reseller are:

  • Email is critical, organizations cannot afford to miss their important emails due to delay in fixing any problem. Brio has expertise and team to get your issues resolved in the shortest possible time.

  • Saves Time: Online Support saves a lot of time as the service executives do not have to travel or commute to your office. There is no time wasted in the transit.

  • Faster Turnaround: Everything happens faster as the online support service personnel have access to all of their resources, reference material or expert help at their end when they are helping you out.

  • Offers Flexibility: There is great deal of flexibility available with online or cloud support as there are fewer dependencies as compared to onsite support.

At Brio, an authorized Google Apps reseller, we have mastered the art of providing efficient, effective, and reliable online support for our Google Apps customers. The smooth process and the effective results from our Google Apps support team have won the trust of our customers. Today, it hardly makes any difference for our Google Apps customers whether they are located in Hyderabad, Bangalore or for that matter, any part of the world.

With an increasing Google Apps client-base in Bangalore, Brio is becoming a preferred Google Apps Reseller in Bangalore for many companies. Bangalore or Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley as the city has all sizes and types of IT companies ranging from software to hardware products and services. Not just that, Bengaluru has a huge market for software applications being used by common businesses for day-to-day operations management. We have been servicing our clients in Bangalore more effectively than any of local Google Apps resellers. We, at Brio, are so comfortable with the cloud technology that we are implementing and translating it for our customers to experience the benefits of being on cloud.

Try Brio for any Google Apps solution and you would never look back.  Click to Start Free Trial


Efficacy Attendance and Payroll is now Perk Payroll

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Efficacy is now Perk Payroll

At the onset, we would like to thank all the Efficacy Online Payroll customers for choosing us. We would like to announce a change as a result of our evolution initiatives and continuous improvement efforts. Our online payroll software – Efficacy Attendance and Payroll is rechristened as Perk Payroll.

1.  What triggered the Change?

Efficacy means the capacity or power to produce a desired effect. When we named our payroll product as Efficacy Attendance and Payroll, we wanted it to meet the business needs of our customers to give the desired results. Moving on with our focus on making payroll simpler in future, we have made some changes in the application to save time and effort in using the new online payroll software.

2.  What is the Change about?

Perk signifies renewed energy and we have instilled this new energy by improving the online payroll software on the basis of customer feedback and analysis of usage patterns. With a better understanding of preferences on the users, we have made Perk Payroll navigation and classification of menu items. The reliability part comes from the aspect of data security and integrity. Perk Payroll is more reliable, simpler and easier to use than ever before with reorganized forms and processes.

3.  How does it impact our existing online payroll customers?

Perk Payroll comes as more visually soothing and has some reorganized menus for ease of access.

The new landing page for Reports makes it easier to generate and access the reports within a few clicks. Rest of it is pretty much the same. Your data is not disturbed and the change is more of cosmetic one than structural. In future, we will keep on improving Perk Payroll to enhance the benefits that you would derive and keep you posted as newer, smarter and simpler versions are rolled out for this simple & reliable online payroll.