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Online Employee Self Service (ESS), an important tool to improve collaboration.

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Online Employee Self Service (ESS) is an important tool to improve collaboration in your team. With the advancement in technology, several worldwide businesses today are opting for cloud based solutions to interact with their employees. These online solutions are used to share information as well as collect and organize employee data. The biggest advantage is that the employees can access the data anytime, anywhere and using any web-enabled device.


Perk Online Payroll’s Employee Self Service (ESS) is a module that helps organizations to streamline their HR processes. Most of the organizations across the globe have been facing challenges in managing their employees leave record, performance reviews, personal details, claims and overtime submission, view payslips. Online Employee Self Service (ESS) is a comprehensive solution to all those challenges.

It is web-based resource making life of employees and managers easier than ever. With Online Employee Self Service (ESS), employees need not worry about any discrepancies in attendance, leave requests, payslips and deductions including Provident Fund (PF), Employees’ State Insurance (ESI), and Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in India. This service benefits both the employees and the organization.

Benefits of using Online Employee Self Service (ESS) include:

1.  Online ESS is User-Friendly:

It is a user-friendly tool for employees. Online ESS allows the employees to access their account using a secured username and password. It enables the managers to access and update leave information of their team members while maintaining complete transparency in the system.

2.  Leave Processing becomes easier:

Online Employee Self Service (ESS) makes processing of leaves—a fairly simple and easy job. It helps in applying, approving, and maintaining employees’ leave in a streamlined manner. This saves time and enhances the productivity of employees in operation as well as those in HR and Management.

Benefits of using Online ESS for leave processing:

  • Online ESS saves precious time of employees by simpler and faster leave processing
  • Employees can process the leave applications in real-time
  • With Online ESS, managers can easily view and manage leave applications and reports of entire team
  • It is highly secure with each employee having a password-protected account

3.  Tax declaration for TDS computation:

Taxation in India is complex and laws are stringent. Employers and employees need transparent tools to share the required information. Online ESS is a simple tool that helps employees and employers share details with each other, making it easy for all to stay compliant with the law.. Online ESS enables employees to view their tax details for TDS computation. Employees can contact their management officials for any discrepancy. It also helps in maintaining and updating employee-wise tax-related information.

4.  Announcements and News:

Online Employee Self Service (ESS) keeps the employees updated with announcement and latest news.

5.  Conduct Surveys:

This tool helps employees to participate in surveys conducted by the companies. The surveys provide relevant information about employees’ perception of company which enables them plan and strategize their milestone accordingly.

6.  Leave and Reimbursement Workflow:

Online Employee Self Service (ESS) helps to manage leave and reimbursement workflow. It enables managers to update leave record and employees to view leave and reimbursement details.

7.  Finding Other Employees:

Online Employee Self Service (ESS) helps to get information about fellow employees such as their contact details, birthdays, hobbies and so on. At the same time, employees can update their contact information and emergency contact details.

8.  Access Anywhere:

Online ESS acts as a 24*7 helpdesk for employees ensuring anytime-anywhere access. This enables the employees get information and details about upcoming events.
Online ESS is an online tool that enhances collaboration in an official set-up. It helps employees control their leave processing in real time. It helps in updating records directly in an employee’s payroll database. This tool informs managers regarding each update by email. Online ESS’s access-from-anywhere feature makes it a highly sought-after among the employees on the run. Managers are likely to utilize the tool for resource optimization as it makes leave processing and maintenance, highly effective.

G Suite Authorized Reseller your trusted partners in going Google.

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Going Google with a G Suite Authorized Reseller can benefit an organization in many ways. Google Apps is a cloud-based messaging & collaboration suite for businesses that ensures anytime-anywhere access along with security and flexibility. It connects you with your team in any part of the world within no time. It’s always better for an organization of any size to engage with a Google Apps Reseller from the evaluation stage in your purchase or buying cycle. Today, several companies are switching to Google Apps for business to ensure increased efficiency and cost savings. Google Apps Authorized resellers can work towards better engagement with existing users as well as prospective buyers. The buying experience can get more personalized when the buyers partner with Google Apps Reseller who can understand their requirements better and provide the right solutions.
Google Apps Authorized Reseller-India

How can Google Apps Authorized Resellers help you:

  • Resellers can understand the requirements better by direct user engagement
  • It is possible for the Google Apps Resellers to educate the prospective customers using demonstrations
  • They can delve into the core issues and provide personalized solutions to customers
  • They can assist in ensuring seamless payment completion
  • They can help is installations and getting started with Google Apps
  • Resellers can become reliable POCs and be accessible easily

Can I work only with a local Google Apps Reseller?

Today’s advancement in technology allows an organization to engage with a Google Apps Reseller of any Geography. Since Google Apps is built on the most advanced cloud technology, working with a local and non-local partner does not make a big difference. Considering this important point Google does not restrict you to work only with a local Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

Why Brio ?

Brio is among the top 5 Google Apps Authorized Resellers on Google marketplace. Brio is based in Hyderabad, India helping companies adopt Google Apps around the world. With Brio, companies are entitled to several benefits signing up with Google Apps. Google Apps deployment team at Brio offers prompt and effective support to our clients across the globe. Our dedicated team members impart training to the employees of your company thereby improving their productivity and capability.

Benefits of associating with Brio for Google Apps sign up:

  • At Brio, we aim to provide quick and reliable support to the Google Apps customers in buying and getting started with the Apps.
  • We enable the customers to identify best data migration path for their requirements.
  • Our experts make data migration in Google Apps an easy job.
  • Our specialists enable clients to avail different options in the Google Apps Control Panel including mail routing, security settings, and creating groups.
  • Programs offered by our specialists help to use the features of Google Apps in the best possible manner.
  • Highly experienced team of Google Apps Certified Deployment and Sales engineers.
  • Signing up with Brio helps you get rid of credit card authorization and payment issues.
  • Brio offers online payment as well as offline payment options to clients across the globe including Wire Transfer, NEFT, Check, RTGS, Debit Card, Credit Card, Pay u Money, Paypal.
  • Clients signing up with Brio are entitled to some free utilities from Google at regular intervals.
  • Our team ensures timely completion of the project within budget constraints of our clients.

We are here to help your team sort out any Google Apps issues including security settings, control panel, and group options among others. Our highly experienced team resolves Google Apps issues in the shortest possible turnaround time. With utmost commitment, we provide our clients with comprehensive services catering their requests right from conceptualization to execution. Brio is a one-stop solution for those looking for Google Apps Resellers with the successful deployment of over 1000+ Google Apps instances for clients across the globe including the Middle East, Europe, and India. So, Go Google with Brio!

G Suite Credit Card Payment Problem India

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Today, Google apps are one of the most popular and widely used apps in different industry verticals. The exclusive features of Google apps distinguish it from others. Some of these include anytime-anywhere access, online storage, enhanced security, video meetings and easier collaboration, among others.

The number of Google Apps users worldwide is growing rapidly. Most users opt for credit card payment option for Google Apps. Google wants to make it easier and safer for its customers to make financial transactions towards Google Apps. To facilitate that, Google has brought in the Google Apps Resellers across the world in the chain. Let’s know more about it.

G Suite Credit Card payment problems India. started with RBI taking enhanced security measures to conduct online credit card transactions. These enhanced security measures were implemented to prohibit misuse of credit cards. As a result, some users faced authorization issues while making payment for their Google apps.

Some of the issues faced during credit card authorization using Google Apps are as follows:

  • Inaccurate card information

  • Obsolete card information with regard to expiry dates

  • Wrong  CVC code

  • Use of virtual credit card (Not acceptable  at the moment)

  • Unavailability of 3D PIN

Brio offers other easy payment options for solving Google Apps Credit card authorization problem in India:

Brio is one of the Premium Google Apps Resellers offering more payment options than just through a credit card to help our clients deal with online payment authorization issues. Brio offers a secure payment gateway that allows you to make payments for Google Apps with debit card, NEFT, RTGS, Wire Transfers, Paypal. Brio also offers a offline payment option for you to go Google. You can make payment via Checks and Demand Drafts.

Brio assists Google customers whether they are large corporations or Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in making safer financial transactions online.

Using credit cards for online transaction is one of the simplest ways to carry out online transactions but some novice users might need help especially in the wake of safety measures such as online password authorization or use of One-Time-Password (OTP). At Brio, we use our payment gateway as another channel for making payments for Google Apps subscriptions to ensure that you get on Google Apps soon.

Brio is one of the authorized Google Apps Resellers in India that enables organizations to adopt google apps. At Brio, we provide fast as well as reliable services in installing, configuring as well as managing Google apps. We have a dedicated team of Google Apps Certified Deployment professionals having expertise in resolving all your Google Apps issues in the shortest possible time..


Google Apps online payment issues – Problems – Support – India

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Google Apps for Business

Google Apps Online Payment Issues, Problems with Debit Card / Credit Card in India

Google Apps is a fast growing messaging and collaboration tool for organizations of all sizes. More than 5 million businesses use Google apps to run efficiently without spending time on managing IT.

Google apps for business offers free 30 day trial, where you can use all the exciting business features such as emailing, online office tools such as docs, spreadsheets etc, scheduling using calendars, assigning and tracking tasks, video chats using Google Hangout, and much more. Once you decide to go for a full-fledged version, you can proceed with the payments.

Google Apps Available Payment Options by Google in India


Unfortunately, we have been receiving complaints about businesses facing problems in signingGoogle Apps Authorized Reseller Brio up for full version through Google, because of issues with the billing pages on account of the latest Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, which now require all online debit / credit card transactions to be processed using enhanced security procedures, which includes using of ATM PIN. This extra step, which includes debit / credit card verification, has been added to ensure that your credit card isn’t misused.

In case you are one of those who are facing a problem in completing your online payment using a credit or debit card and your financial transactions towards the billing of the Google Apps productivity suite is being hindered by such a problem, we, at Brio, will be happy to assist you through the billing procedure.

Our payment interface is user friendly and will help you get past the limitations of billing procedure, especially for the Indian businesses. In case you choose to make payment for Google Apps through Brio, you will be entitled to extra benefits at no extra cost, you can do so by using one of the additional modes of payment mentioned below:


      • Credit Card

      • Debit Card

      • Check

      • Wire Transfer / NEFT / RTGS

      • Pay U Money

      • Paypal

Being an Google Apps Authorized Reseller, we are dedicated to assist you in evaluating the best of the messaging and collaboration tools that help you focus more on your business growth. Sign up to experience the world’s best-in-class apps from Google, and enjoy reliable and prompt services provided by Brio.

Google recommends Brio as your trusted partner while “Going Google!”