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Google Apps – Introducing the people widget

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Email is just as much about the people you communicate with as it is what you communicate about. We think it can be helpful to view relevant information in context, which is why over the next two weeks we’re rolling out a new people widget located on the right hand side of your messages. The people widget surfaces content from friends, family and colleagues that is already available to you but may be hard to find and makes it easier to connect with them.

Google Apps People widget

Next to every email message you can now see contextual information about the people in that conversation including recent emails you received from them, relevant Buzz posts, shared documents and calendar events. You also have quick access to a variety of ways to communicate with individuals, start a group chat or schedule a meeting with groups of people.

We hope the people widget will improve your Gmail experience and we’re eager for you to try it out.

Read more about People Widget.

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Online Payroll Software (SaaS) or In-house Payroll Software – Three Questions to Ask

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Remember the days of using a calculator and a typewriter to process payroll? Thankfully, those days are gone, and there are much simpler tools to make the process more efficient. Today, there are tools available to help ensure timely tax payments, accurate and complete payrolls, and to make sure employees are paid on time. These days, most businesses use one of two methods to process payroll: in-house payroll software, or a payroll service. As a business, you must choose the method of payroll processing that works best for you. Start out by asking yourself these simple questions.

What staff is available to manage the process?
No matter which processing method you use, you will need staff to manage the associated tasks. Many in the business world tend to believe that a payroll service takes less staff time, since it handles the tax payments and processing. While this may be true, be sure to account for all of the time your staff must spend collecting and entering time data for employees (if applicable), updating employee earning and deduction changes, running payroll reports, and generally making sure that data is accurate and timely. When using a payroll software program, it is a good idea to have at least one employee who is familiar with your payroll processes, and your payroll software. He/she should be able to set up employee information, enter time in the appropriate manner, process payroll, run reports, maintain tax filing schedules and be able to file them using your system.

Who manages what?
It is important to consider your current staff and their expertise, when you are deciding on payroll processing. For instance, if you don’t have a skilled HR person, you may lean toward a payroll service, since some of them offer HR services. If you have a person who is skilled in using in-house payroll software already, you might find it easier to stay with that. Consider who you have on staff and their expertise, and then whatever system you choose will come along with a much smoother transition.

Where is my data safest?
There is a major different in the location of your payroll data when comparing a payroll service to in-house software. With a service, your data is typically stored in a remote location and accessed via the internet. Of course, most services use strong encryption to provide security for your data. For payroll software, your data is stored on your own server, so the information is not available via the internet. However, you still need to be sure there is a good internal security system, since payroll data is sensitive, and you don’t want unauthorized employee’s to log in and view or edit sensitive data.

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Restrict email delivery

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The ability to restrict email delivery is available in Google Apps for Business and Education Edition.

By default, users with Gmail accounts at your domain can send mail to and receive mail from any other email address. In some cases, you want to restrict who your users can exchange mail with. For example, a school might want to allow its students to exchange mail with the faculty and other students, but not with people outside of the school.

For More Details & Instructions check the below link:

How to create nickname (email alias) in Google Apps ? How many nickname can i create per user?

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How to create nickname (email alias) in Google Apps ? How many nickname can i create per user?

Here’s how to add a nickname to a user’s account:

1. Login to Admin Dashboard. Click User accounts along the top of your control panel.
2. Locate the user for whom you’d like to enter a nickname, and click his or her name.
3. Click Add a nickname.
4. Enter the alternate username in the field under Add a nickname.
5. Click Save Changes.

How Many??

The total number of nicknames you can create for your domain is ten times the number of user accounts. Additionally, the maximum number of nicknames for one user account is 30, but the total number of nicknames for your domain doesn’t allow every user account to have 30 nicknames.

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Google Apps the ultimate solution for SPAM

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All of us are bothered with spam getting into your mailbox. A couple of months ago I decided not to delete emails marked as spam and see how many spam messages I received per month. Four weeks later I ended up with more than 12,000 emails. Multiply that with a number of email users in your domain and it becomes clear that spam choke your mail server ..thus reducing your productivity of your organization…not only that its costly war to flight with SPAM.

So, time for action.

Google Apps Business Edition includes Postini’s security and archiving functions. These services alone make up a good reason to migrate from on-premises Mail server to Google Apps Premier Edition $50 / user / year.

Setting up Google apps is pretty simple with configuration –including changing the MX records or pointers where mails should be delivered– the system was all set to go. Emails addressed at my domain are now received and verified by Google Mail.

Result: The number of emails per month marked as spam visible in Google Mail, was reduced from more than 12,000 to… 5 . Isn’t that amazing result.

Additionally , I regularly receive an overview of what was blocked by the service. To my amazement over that same period Postini also blocked few messages that it marked as being potential virus-infected emails. Not that these would be a gigantic threat to my company, So better be safe than sorry.

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