Seamless inbuilt time and attendance management software with Perk

Integrate employees’ time and attendance details into Perk for seamless payroll generation.Save oodles of time and reduce administrative & financial costs of erroneous time and attendance software.

How Perk makes online attendance management efficient?

Delays and errors in payroll are often a result of inefficient time and attendance integration. Precious billable hours each month are put into consolidating this data. If you operate in multiple locations, it gets messier and more long drawn. Then comes the end of the month and mayhem!

With Online Perk Payroll

Leaves are integrated with your time card into the system directly.

Payroll generations is based on time cards of the employee.

Delays and errors are eliminated because of automated processes.


How does employee attendance data capture work?

Organizations use various methods to capture attendance of employees – attendance registers, biometric or RFID time recorders, and door access control or software. The challenge is when organizations use different devices. Perk can simplify matters.

With Online Perk you can

Import attendance from Microsoft Excel.
Integrate your time recorders and door access controls.
Use bulk attendance updating tools for quick work.
Use online forms to capture check in and check out of employees and later send for approval to managers or team leads.
Record attendance on daily Checkin / Checkout, Monthly attendance like Present, Absent, Week offs, Leaves etc.