Loan management with automatic payroll deduction with Online Perk

Employees need advances and loans on salary from time to time.
You want to enable that but without adding to your payroll and HR burden. Automate it all with Perk!
No manual calculations, no errors or time invested in managing loan entry for payroll deduction.

With Perk Payroll Software you can

Loan Management
  • plug loan management within payroll management
  • manage employee loans and advances without the risk of miscalculations
  • automate deductions from employees’ salaries over decided tenure as per your organization’s loans and advances policy
  • track loans & advances of employees
  • automatically schedule deductions based on EMI and recovery schedule
  • record loan adjustments within the payroll generation
  • send employees detailed loan statements along with the payroll
  • give managers access to reports on the total outstanding amount and recoveries anytime, anywhere

Bring clarity and transparency with an easy-to-manage loan management system that’s built right into your payroll system.
Makes it easy and efficient for employers and employees!